7 adverbs to describe how to misinterpreting

By the time a suitable retort had occurred to the ex-steward the steamer was half a mile distant, and the extraordinary and unnatural pantomime in which he indulged on the edge of the quay was grievously misinterpreted by a nervous man in a sailing boat.

"Lieutenant Raymond, I simply dislike to be placed in a false position, or grossly misinterpreted or misrepresented.

It was intended to bring down to its date, the true philosophical principles of Epicurus, who appears to have been grossly misunderstood and his doctrines foully misinterpreted.

And then suddenly he had a flash of keener perception, and realised with a creeping of his flesh that he had all along misinterpretedgrossly misinterpreted all they had been saying.

As if that were not enough, any move of investigation on my part would be radically misinterpreted, and to my own danger, by the men.

The "Elective Affinities" has been strangely misinterpreted as having an immoral tendency, as encouraging conjugal infidelity, and approving "free love."

Nay, many writers, otherwise of high authority, seem to have taken the same view; while others who could have had no such notion, having used the words Beauty and the Beautiful in an allegorical or metaphorical sense, have sometimes been misinterpreted literally.

7 adverbs to describe how to  misinterpreting  - Adverbs for  misinterpreting