17 adverbs to describe how to misrepresenting

None of our respectable neighbours, in the first place, have shared in this transaction, and that is something; though I confess I feel some surprise that any considerable portion of a community, that respects itself, should quietly allow an ignorant fragment of its own numbers, to misrepresent it so grossly, in an affair that so nearly touches its own character for common sense and justice.

Others are apt to attribute them to some false End or Intention; and others purposely misrepresent or put a wrong Interpretation on them.

Then got up the Duke of Richmond, totally misrepresenting what I had said as to Lord Eldon and Lord Grey, and endeavouring to make them appear as personal attacks to which no gentleman could submit.

" "He has doubtless misrepresented the affair to you, madam, as he did to me.

Map-makers down to the present day have almost invariably misrepresented the territorial limits we gained by this treaty.

The Egyptian saw no incongruity in setting references to the "gods" side by side with allusions to a god whom we cannot help identifying with the Supreme Being and the Creator of the world; his ideas and beliefs have, in consequence, been sadly misrepresented, and by certain writers he has been made an object of ridicule.

To this he prefixed an advertisement, declaring that it would never have appeared in print, had not an interpolated copy, published in a country newspaper, scandalously misrepresented the principles of the author.

Our House of Commons could scarcely misrepresent us more if it was appointed haphazard by the Lord Chamberlain or selected by lot from among the inhabitants of Netting Hill.

Wagner was most shamefully misrepresented by his enemies during his lifetime.

It is no doubt the right of an author to erase in a new edition any expressions he pleases; but when he is about to charge another with having grossly garbled and stealthily misrepresented him, it is as well to let the world know what he has erased and why.

I. 464, strangely misrepresents this story; saying, "that the pilot of Paulo de la Gama had deserted to the Moors, though a Christian.

I am now, with the help of God, to begin a new life.' Dr. Hill prints an interesting letter of Mr. Jowett's, in which occur the following observations: 'It is a curious question whether Boswell has unconsciously misrepresented Johnson in any respect.

What he said to them, which was no more than an indifferent joke, has been variously misrepresented and not at all understood.

Every step that was taken by her ministry to restore tranquility to the empire, was artfully misrepresented by the zealots of faction.

Georgia was greatly disturbed on my account, because she believed I had wilfully misrepresented God, and that He might not forgive me.

She did not understand their motives, or those of the abolitionists; for they had been diligently misrepresented to her.

" Now, what are we to think of these sentiments, drawn from the 7th of March speech, so disgracefully misrepresented by the politicians and the fanatics?

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