95 adverbs to describe how to mixes

When ready to serve, whip the cream rather thick, which lightly mix with it; then lay the inferior parts of the grouse on the salad, sauce over so as to cover each piece, then lay over the salad and the remainder of the grouse, pour the rest of the sauce over, and serve.

Cut the onions small, put them in the stewpan with the butter, and fry them well; mix the rice-flour smoothly with the water, add the onions, seasoning, and sugar, and simmer till tender.

Nevertheless the two CÆSARS were inextricably mixed up in my mind.

To mix Old and New Testament indiscriminately, as, for example, by taking them on alternate days, is unforgivable, and no teacher who has studied the Bible seriously could do so, if she cared about the religious training of her children, and understood the Bible.

Where used as a staple article of food, as in India, it is commonly mixed with milk, cheese, or other nutritious substances.

When all this is done, and the apples are quite cold, put them into a large pan, and gradually mix the whole of the rest of the ingredients, including the remaining half-bottle of vinegar.

So these poor people got some confused notion of the one true God: but they mixed it up sadly with their old heathen idolatry, and made gods of their own, and some of them even burnt their children in the fire, to Adrammelech and Anammelech, the gods of Sepharvaim, from which town they had come.

" "I wonder why they made you the Newdigate poet at Oxford, Sholto: you mix your metaphors most dreadfully.

I have merely mixed myself up in French politics.

Curry-powder is also not unfrequently mixed with it.

It deserves, however, to be noticed, that with the Greeks they rarely ever mix or intermarry, and that they retain both their own national dress and manners unchanged among them.

Americans and English do not mix as readily as you might expect, although there is nothing like coolness between them.

The steers mixed badly with the rangers.

French writers on genealogy have hopelessly mixed up the two brothers, Jean and Jacques François.

Neither group would willingly mix with the other either socially or even live in the other's neighborhood.

He goes post through small towns and villages, seldom mixes with every-day life, and must in a great degree depend for information on partial enquiries.

They pass for the wisest and the most virtuous who best know how to mix the two so artfully together, that, like the sweets we put upon healing bitters, the palatable may make the useful go down.

" "I'se Col'nel Cochran's man," he answered, without salute, but with the accent of education oddly mixed with dialect.

"Mix it oop, lad!

Venus and Bacchus, the Nymphs and the Dryads, Hebe and Amor are mixed up incongruously with the homely scenes of Scandinavian life.

If the animal be poor, and his system need toning up, give him plenty of nourishing food, with bran mash mixed plentifully with the grain.

" "Dey did 'pear ter die, but a few un 'em come out ag'in, en is mixed in 'mongs' de yuthers.

Dust with flour just before using, and mix with the hand till each piece is powdered so that all will mix evenly with the dough instead of sinking to the bottom.

The great Renaissance artists who mixed colours exquisitely mixed poisons equally exquisitely; the great Renaissance princes who designed instruments of music also designed instruments of torture.

In the course of the third and second centuries B.C. the group of the Ti, mainly living in the territory of the present Szechwan, had mixed extensively with remains of the Yüeh-chih; the others, the Ch'iang, were northern Tibetans or so-called Tanguts; that is to say, they contained Turkish and Mongol elements.

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