20 adverbs to describe how to moderating

On the whole, however, it was found that the comparatively moderate weather predominated; and it was rare indeed that all the people did not pursue their avocations and amusements outside, at what was called the middle of the day.

With a gas oven, one can regulate at will, and a safe general rule is to have the oven thoroughly hot before the cakes are put in, and then to moderate the heat very considerably.

The anticipations of practicable improvement were studiously moderate, deprecating and discountenancing as reveries of vague enthusiasm many things which will one day seem so natural to human beings, that injustice will probably be done to those who once thought them chimerical.

In this new life their trials were many, their labor great, and the pecuniary compensation exceedingly moderate; but it is inspiring to read from Sarah the accounts of Theodore's courage"always ready to take the heaviest end of every burden," and of Angelina's cheerfulness; and from Angelina the frequent testimony to Sarah's patience and fidelity.

The fruits and roots necessary for the public markets are already supplied in profusion at tolerably moderate prices: if the supply were greatly increased, the prices could not be remunerative.

When this action has continued, with more or less violence, for a certain time, it gradually moderates.

The historians of the crusaders are infinitely more moderate as to the number of their foes; they assign to Kilidge-Arslan only fifty or sixty thousand men, and their testimony is far more trustworthy, being that of the victors.

We were served with provokingly delicious plats, at a price absurdly moderate compared with what is extorted from us in the hotels.

That wives know the affections of their husbands, and prudently moderate them, is among the arcana of conjugial love which lie concealed with wives.

According to Mr. D'A. Bernard, it is especially important, in the dry distillation of distiller's wash in a closed vessel, for the production of methyls, ammonia, acetates, and methylamine, that the mass shall be divided as completely as possible, since it then takes but a relatively moderate heat to completely destroy the organic coloring matter contained in the wash.

During this early period the conduct of the revolutionary authorities was remarkably moderate.

The degree of fever, however, is variable; for the symptoms are sometimes so moderate as scarcely to attract attention, slight and irregular shivering, nausea, perhaps vomiting, thirst, and heat of skin; whilst, at others, there is considerable constitutional disturbance, indicated by pungent heat of skin, flushing of the face, suffusion of the eyes, pain in the head, great anxiety and restlessness, and occasionally slight delirium.

It is true only of the States where slavery already exists; and it is because the propagandists of slavery are well aware of this, that they are so anxious to establish by positive enactment the seemingly moderate title to a right of existence for their institution in the Territories,a title which they do not possess, and the possession of which would give them the oyster and the Free States the shells.

In short, the demand for instruction in literature is strictly moderate.

This is a warrant for debt, Sir; my house is extremely comfortablegentlemen of the first fashion go therequite moderate, too, only a guinea a-dayfind your own wine.

How men might learn to shake off the terrors of deathnay, to look upon it rather as a release from pain and evil; how pain, mental and bodily, may best be borne; how we may moderate our passions; and, lastly, whether the practice of virtue be not all-sufficient for our happiness.

" The death of Mr. Clare removed the person who could most effectually have moderated the animosities of the contending parties, and took away the great operative check upon the excesses of Mr. Tyrrel.

His Inaugural Message was eminently moderate.

But he meant to be canny; this time he would choose a woman who, if she ruled him, would not misrule him; what he could stand was a sovereign, not a despot, and he believed that he had found this exceptionally gifted and exceptionally moderated being: it was Miss Anna Hardage.

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