10 adverbs to describe how to moon

There the shout Of battle, the barbarian yell, the bray Of dissonant instruments, the clang of arms, The shriek of agony, the groan of death, In one wild uproar and continuous din, Shake the still air; while overhead, the moon, Regardless of the stir of this low world, Holds on her heavenly way. MADOC.

That, Sir, was my mood, when on a never-to-be-forgotten afternoon toward the end of April, I sat mooning disconsolately in my private room and a timid rat-tat at the outer door of the apartment roused Theodore from his brutish slumbers.

The drifting sea-fog, cold and gray, Wraps all the golden ships away The fair-sailed ships, that in the glow Of ghostly moon and vapor go, Like wandering phantoms, to and fro!

Oh, shine out, kind moon, And let me see him smile!

And amid all this the house had another inmate, Mademoiselle Broquette, Herminie as she was called, a long, pale, bloodless girl of fifteen, who mooned about languidly among that swarm of sturdy young women.

He adopted the views of the ancient astronomers, who placed Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars next under the sphere of the fixed stars, then the sun above Venus and Mercury, and lastly the moon next to the earth.

[Footnote 3: Literally, the moon.]

Under the brilliant sky we steamed steadily up the mighty river; the sunset was glorious as we leaned on the port railing; and after nightfall the moon, nearly full and hanging high in the heavens, turned the water to shimmering radiance.

He had kept his promise to the very letter, mooning about in his desolate manner very conspicuously.

Green shadows in a green world," mooned Cyrus the Gaunt poetically.

10 adverbs to describe how to  moon  - Adverbs for  moon