52 adverbs to describe how to natured

"And what is your opinion of me farther?" "You are bold, frank, improvident, credulous and good-natured.

He is exceedingly good-natured, and will often drive some stray cattle several miles for the convenience of a perfect stranger, and a man to whom he owes no obligation whatever.

The referendum is of precisely the same nature, but this already has become a reductio ad absurdum, and can hardly survive the discredit into which it has fallen.

Nature in all her forms was imitated; and not merely Nature, but the dresses of the ancients are perpetuated in marble.

Mr. House, not realizing the wide and serious nature of the claim, says that it is an important question for all, while America had already stated, in the words of the President of the Republic, that it renounced all indemnity of any nature whatsoever.

"Of course I doI know he's very handsome, and awfully good-natured, and he's given me the only good time

Loria deals more extensively with slavery as affected by the valuation of labor, and Gibson examines elaborately the nature of hypothetically absolute slavery in analyzing the earnings of labor.

The balance of foreign exchanges is of essentially the same nature as the domestic cancelation of indebtedness.

I propose to consider with you, carefully but frankly, the real nature and the true uses of the Bible.

We came, soft stepping into the scene, and Nature, which moves continuously, harmoniously, did in the same moment build a throne and take us in it.

But the scrubby and hilly nature of the country on Cape York militated against its speedy settlement, and it needed the lure of gold to induce men to risk their lives in a land with such hostile inhabitants.

A man's life is so complex, his nature so inevitably the sum and work of it of it lies so far outside of woman's sphere, his mind spiked with a thousand magnets, each pointing to a different possibility,that she would need divine wisdom to comprehend him in his entirety, even if he made her a diagram of every cell in his brain,which he never would, out of consideration for both her and his own vanity.

Formerly every clerk knew when Bob came or went, for it was with a rush, a shout, a laugh, and a bang of doors; and on the floor of the Stock Exchange no man played so many pranks, or filled his orders with so much jolly good-nature and hilarious boisterousness.

Exert your talents; Nature, ever kind, 10 Enough for happiness bestows on all; 'Tis Sloth or Pride that finds her gifts too small.

All types, however, in so far as they appeal to the mind and interpret the inward world, under which aspect alone they are now considered, have their physical nature, materially or imaginatively, even though it be solely visible beauty, in order to express personality.

Ah, did not nature oversway my will, The world should know this plot of damned ill.

[Sidenote: Peculiarly horrible nature of Sulla's acts.]

But in the complexity of action and multiplicity of incident, in the comedy of certain scenes and the substratum of pure farce in others, he introduced elements of the popular drama of a nature powerfully to affect the essence of his production.

His nature, profoundly and simply religious from the outset, assumed a tone of deeper piety and habitual devotion during the advance of years.

The passing of the old Cumberland beggar through villages and past farmsteads, brings to those who see him the same kind of consolation as the impulses from a vernal wood that Wordsworth celebrated in his purely nature poetry.

John had a late night in the House, and made two speeches on the unpleasant subjects of the Chartist meeting next Monday and Sir George Grey's "Security of the Crown" Bill; both of which ought to do good, from their mild and whiggish tone, in spite of the sadly un-whiggish nature of the topics;

If in the course of events there arises a conflict between the will of the individual and that of his environment, whether nature, man, or God, then the seed of tragedy, specifically, is present; this conflict is the essential idea of tragedy.

Not even the sight of his sister had recalled thehighly special nature of the state of things between them nor suggested the need for preparing an attitude to greet him with.

I had occasion to rebuke her on the preceding night, and, following the dictates of an ungodly nature and a perverse pride, she chose to leave the shelter of this roof" Mr. Wordley sprang to his feet, his passion rendering him speechless for a moment.

His farewell to rhetoricwritten probably in 48shows unmistakably the nature of the stuff on which he had been fed.

52 adverbs to describe how to  natured  - Adverbs for  natured
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