17 adverbs to describe how to neigh

How could thy master have conveyed His helm, and battle-axe, and blade, Kamund, and bow, and buberyán, Unaided, to Mázinderán? Why didst thou fail to give the alarm, And save thyself from chance of harm, By neighing loudly in my ear; But though thy bold heart knows no fear, From such unwise exploits refrain, Nor try a lion's strength again.

Meanwhile the restless horses neighed aloud, Breathing out fire, and pawing where they stood.

At the same instant, the horses in the stable began to neigh furiously, whilst the cattle lowed as if choking.

Perizade straightway leapt from off her steed, And threw the bridle on his arching neck With calm caress, and left him neighing low; One glance along the mountain, black and bare, With low mists creeping o'er its rocky sides; Mysterious exhalations veiling all the peak; Dead silenceO but for a passing wind To mimic Life beside her living soul!

Now all these folk of greater or lesser degree were entirely unaware that Sir Launcelot lay sleeping so nigh to them as they rode by chattering very gayly together in the spring-time weather, taking great pleasure in the warm air, and in growing things, and the green fields, and the bright sky; and they would have had no knowledge that the knight was there, had not Sir Launcelot's horse neighed very lustily.

oh, so significant at the timewhen I dreamed that a herd of centaurs rolled up with a great stamping of hoofs round the house to destroy it, and then woke to hear the horses tramping across the field below the lawns; they neighed ominously and their noisy panting was audible as if it were just outside my windows.

Till by degrees accomplished in the beast, She neighed outright, and all the steed expressed.

At that instant a horse neighed outside; then I heard the sound of hoofs pounding on soft soil.

Just as we were passing out of sight the poor creatures neighed pitifully after us, and one who has never heard the last despairing, pleading neigh of a horse left to die can form no idea of its almost human appeal.

Far away the grey mare was neighing plaintively and the scared cowpony trailed in the distance wondering why these free creatures should come so close to man, the enslaver; but to Alcatraz the herd was no more than a growth of trees; nothing existed under the sky saving that hand ceaselessly outstretched towards him, and the steady murmur of the voice.

To thee 'tis given To train the sprightly steed, more fleet than those Begot by winds, or the celestial breed That bore the great Pelides through the press Of heroes armed, and broke their crowded ranks; Which proudly neighing, with the sun begins 90 Cheerful his course; and ere his beams decline, Has measured half thy surface unfatigued.

Very frequently I used to start up from my desk, thinking that I was in some diminutive room ashore; and my mistake was the more natural, as we had three horses, a dog, several pigs, hens, geese, and a canary bird on board, all respectively neighing, barking, grunting, cackling, and singing, as if they were in a farm-yard.

Having fed as long as they wanted that morning, they all at once began to gather together, coming at a gallop, neighing shrilly; then the wild man, catching Martin up, leaped upon the back of one of the horses, and away went the whole troop at a furious pace to the great open dry plain, where Martin had met with them on the previous day.

Presently the black stallion neighed softly, whereat the rest of the herd bunched closely together, the mares with the foals on the side, and all heads turning towards the black who now galloped to a hilltop, surveyed the horizon and presently dropped his head to graze again.

He trotted to the brow of a slope, with his head and tail very high up indeed, and looked after them; then he looked at the fire, and neighed; then he trotted quickly up to it, and seeing that everything was gone he began to neigh violently, and at last started off at full speed, and overtook his friends, passing within a few feet of them, and, wheeling round a few yards off, stood trembling like an aspen leaf.

It brought the grey after him, neighing wildly, but though she circled around him at full speed time after time, he would not pause, and when she attempted to block him he raised his head and pushed her away with the resistless urge of breast and shoulders.

Horses were powder-burnt and cried with fear, or neighed exultingly.

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