39 adverbs to describe how to night

Perhaps a wild idea of escaping into the cold, dark night outside, aided by a sheet or blanket, flashed through her brain.

Afore night come we wus out o' sight astern.

But so soon as this quarter is ended; i.e. there, or then, or thereabout, for in this case a day or two can break no great squaresI say this quarter (as usual) will be followed by the SUMMER, when, and at which time the days will have attained their greatest, and consequently the nights the shortest lengths.

The greater part of the time was night literally night; for, besides being the shortest days of the year (it not being light until eight o'clock and dark again at four), the smoke and fog have been most of the time so dense that darkness has for many days occupied the hours of daylight....

During these months, the darkest of the year, scarcely a night passed without the recurrence of these inexplicable cries.

The first night we camped on the South fork of Big Creek, four miles west of Hays City.

A rumour had reached the ear of young Hamlet, that an apparition, exactly resembling the dead king his father, had been seen by the soldiers upon watch, on the platform before the palace at midnight, for two or three nights successively.

The bottom of the tank is fully 3 meters below the level of the Danube Canal, which passes close by, and it was not until twelve large pulsometer pumps were set up, and worked continually night and day, that it was possible to reach the necessary depth to allow of the commencement of the foundations of the boundary wall.

Nine winters' snows had buried deep that night when my old grandmother, together with my father and mother, designed my future with the glow of a camp fire upon it.

At one moment she was a child helping her father to plant the crimson rambler, at another she was a woman pulling a rose from the topmost branch and giving it to some one who steadied her hand on the trellis; some one who said "Thank you" and "Good-night" differently from the rest of the world.

You come down ter my house ter-night en do w'at

By this the Night forth from the darksome bowre Of Herebus her teemed* steedes gan call, And laesie Vesper in his timely

They might not see it, and then" She shuddered, "How frightfully lonesome!the terrible nights" He made an impatient gesture.

Sergeant Corney smoked his pipe long and furiously that night as he sat in the barracks, giving no heed as to whether we followed his advice, and we two lads sat side by side with little inclination to indulge in conversation.

" He lifted his hand in a gentle, deprecating way, most unlike the rider who had ridden so fast and so hotly that night of our coming.

And then, like a night lily, the moon seized her.

That night, that New Year's night that I shall never forget, no matter how long God may let me live, I went north.

"There is no loneliness, and nevermore The shadow-haunted night, When we pass out beyond Life's swinging door The road," he said, "is bright.

Following the Fairlands road until he came to where the Galena Valley road branches off from the Clear Creek way, three miles below the Power-House at the mouth of the canyon, Brian Oakley found the tracks of an automobilemade without doubt, during the night just past.

You don't know, and never can know, how I feel toward these dusky friends; for you never had them watch over you, day after day, and night after night, patiently and tenderly leading you up from the valley of the shadow of death.

You see it was the fête of the Madonna, and we danced and drank togetherI and Peppinoall the night; and this morning about an hour ago says he to me, 'Gaetano, do you take your horses, and go find two travellers and a servant who are under a coach-house at the Croix d'Or; all is paid except the buona-mano.'

In this latitude there is practically no night during the month of June, and I can recall no more enchanting spot than where we were now camped.

Allerdyke had always known his cousin for a man of unusually tidy and methodical habits; the evidence of that orderliness was there, where he had pitched his camp for presumably a single night.

Regularly every Saturday night Sadie and a girl friend, Rosie by name, put on their best clothes and betook themselves to Silver's Casino, a huge dance hall with small rooms adjoining, where food and much drink were to be had.

Patients in a state of excitement may sleep during the first hours of the night, but seldom all night; and even should one have the capacity to do so, his companions in durance would wake him with a shout or a song or a curse or the kicking of a door.

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