5 adverbs to describe how to oak

I seek the coolest sheltered seat Just where the field and forest meet, Where grow the pine-trees tall and bland, The ancient oaks austere and grand, And fringy roots and pebbles fret The ripples of the rivulet.

How he drove the bolted breath Through the cloud to wedge it ponderous In the gnarlèd oak beneath.

The way was trodden and led me by gradual slope and native windings through the dull red oaks downward to the river.

Here stand some fine cottonwood trees and half-a-dozen lordly white-oaks.

Red and white firs are found, the incense cedar, the Douglas spruce, the big cone spruce, and a number of deciduous trees, mainly oaks of several varieties, with sycamore along the lower creeks, and the alder tree, strikingly like the alder bush of our eastern streams and pastures, but of Gargantuan proportions, grown out of all recognition.

5 adverbs to describe how to  oak  - Adverbs for  oak