10 adverbs to describe how to ornate

Beneath the lowest leaves you discover a fairy realm of mosses,hypnum, dicranum, polytriclium, and many others,their precious spore-cups poised daintily on polished shafts, curiously hooded, or open, showing the richly ornate peristomas worn like royal crowns.

It was an elaborately ornate room; but on a chilly December day even a plethora of embellishment cannot be trusted to raise by a single degree the temperature of the apartment it adorns, and the soul turns from a cold hearth, however radiant its garnish of artificial blossoms.

Queens of fashion, professional beauties, authors and authoresses, ambassadors, philosophers, discoverers, actorsevery one who was famous or even notorious; who had been anywhere or had done anything, from a successful speech in Parliament to a hazardous leap at the Aquariumjostled one another on the wide staircase and in the gravely ornate drawing-rooms.

A self-conscious simplicity may well be far more intrinsically ornate than luxury itself.

The Sunday sanctums and Sabbath conventicles of today may be mere ornate, may be more flashy, and show more symptoms of polished bedizenment in their construction; but three-fourths of them sink into dwarflings and mediocrities when compared with the rare old buildings of the past.

" "I often feel that way, too," responded Mrs. Whitney, in her most profusely ornate "grande dame" manner.

If it be said that this ornate eloquence is merely professional, I reply that his brother, the atheist doctor, and the Duchess herself, are quite as copious in their rhetoric, and scarcely less ornate.

It is a product of the rich fancy of the East, splendidly ornate, and not without a high degree of symmetryyet here the symmetry is that of ornament alone, and not the pure, absolute proportion of forms, which we find in Grecian Art.

Opening the door, he was face to face with a little fast-ticking cheaply ornate clock.

Though his style is often wonderfully ornate, it is still more sober than that of Háfiz.

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