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185 adverbs to describe how to  paint  - Adverbs for  paint

185 adverbs to describe how to paint

A garage, cement built, squatty and low and painfully new, its wide-mouthed entrance guarded by a gasoline pump freshly painted and exceedingly red, stands at the eastern end of the single, broad, un-paved business street.

Coaches newly painted, and drawn by well-matched horses, rolled by me.

Indeed, one cannot fancy more pleasant nests than some of the little gaily-painted wooden houses, standing on stilts to let the air under the floors, and all embowered in trees and flowers, which line the roads in the suburbs; and which are inhabited, we are told, by people engaged in business.

I gaze upon thy beauteous vistas Far and wide; I see the day-break beautifully paint thy Rugged side: I see AURORA show the panorama Night did hide: I see the lazy Hudson grad-u- Ally glide, Reluctant to abandon thee, and seek The salt sea tide.

,' she said, 'whose colours clear Richly paint the vernal year.

When he was gone, Lady Mary laid her face upon the badly painted miniature of Peter, and cried as one who had lost all hope in life.

During the day a black-bearded man would recline upon the cushions, idly fondling her and calling her "Piyari" ( dearest); and at night a pretty young woman would place her in a brightly-painted "jhula" (swinging-cot) and sing her to sleep.

She paints as vividly as I have ever known painted, the truth as to why it is a merit that women should be forced to work, a merit that every one should be forced to work!

They learned how to make their own clothes, by making their dolls' clothes,and the dolls themselves were frequently home-made, the eldest sister painting the faces much more prettily than those obtained at the shops; and there was a great delight in gratifying the fancy, by dressing the dolls, not in Quaker garb, but in all of the most brilliant colors and stylish shapes worn by the ultra-fashionable.

Fancifully but rather neatly painted, and with a stable to match, it looked like an exotic.

My brother's picture of Milton is very finely painted,that is, it might have been done by a hand next to Vandyke's.

They presented, indeed, as they drew nearer, a magnificent array, with their gilded and gaudily painted prows, and their myriads of pennons and streamers fluttering gayly in the breeze, while the rays of the morning sun glanced on the polished scymitars of Damascus, and on the superb aigrettes of jewels which sparkled in the turbans of the Ottoman chiefs.

" If you are intending to bring the water from the well into the house and put a large stove in the cellar to warm some of the upper rooms; if you are papering and painting inside, and keeping the place in good condition, you are preserving my property and even adding to its value; so under the circumstances I could not think of accepting any rent in money.

On the ceiling was an exquisitely painted garland, from the centre of which hung a tasteful basket of natural flowers, with delicate vine-tresses drooping over its edge.

There were also rudely painted on the tiles two anchors, three darts, a torch, and a palm-branch.

Mrs. Clark couldn't make and repair harness; so she cleared the straps and scraps and wax-ends out of the place, painted the interior of the shop bright yellow, with a blue ceiling, erected some shelves and a counter and turned part of the insurance money into candy, cigars, stationery, and a meager stock of paper-covered novels.

After a while, the wolf is seen emerging from his retreat, painted so hideously as to frighten away the Indian children.

"They will soon be on us again," said Brightson in a low tone, but round and round they kept dancing, their leader in front in all his war trappings, the others almost naked, and for the most part painted black.

No place of worship in Preston is so finely decorated, so skilfully painted, so artistically got up.

One feels that he too felt the emotion that his characters display; he did not merely paint, he thought and suffered.

His limbs were naked, and were curiously painted and oiled, and his neck and arms were decorated with strings of large white beads composed of polished bone; while a richly embroidered bag or pouch, containing tobacco, was suspended at the back of his neck.

The chancel of the building is circular, tastefully painted, with a calm subdued light, and looks rich.

The other 6 had not only each a cover of clear polished glass, with a dial described on them, like those of the first piece, but had a glass for their bottom; which glass was thinly painted over white, so that the shade of the hour-lines drawn upon the cover, might be seen as well within as without the globe.

The low room had been cleverly painted and a casement commanding a view of the dale replaced the original narrow windows.

They really liked it, really loved the intricacy and luxuriousness of it, the heavy exotic language, the thickly painted descriptions, the languorous melody of the verse.

He has a passionate fondness for the Lithuanian, and paints him and his surroundings most lovingly.

There were at least twenty strong electric lamps in the miserable place, which illuminated the coarsely painted faces of the Primadonna and the tenor with alarming distinctness, and gleamed on Schreiermeyer's smooth fair hair and beard, and impassive features.

Its quality is not to be communicated in words; and even the photographs of it that are sold have to be made from pictures, which the assiduous Signor Giuliani, among others, is always so faithfully painting, stone for stone.

At the other end, equally far away from the populous centre of shops, was a variety theatre, a mere shanty, run up in a day; and as Nick took his way toward the green-painted hotel he could hear the shrill squalling of a woman's untrained voice, shrieking out the latest comic song.

Then, we "went to meeting" in a little white-painted, pine box of a thing, like a barn that had risen in life.

In the first two which we examined we found nothing; the third contained several broken coffins, some skulls, and potsherds of glazed and crudely painted earthenware, of which, however, it was impossible to find two pieces that belonged to each other.

And whenever they have painted truly, they have painted successfully.

The most famous picture is, I suppose, the circular Filippino Lippi, No. 343, but although the lively background is very entertaining and the Virgin most wonderfully painted, the Child is a serious blemish.

The influence which Spleen has over religious minds, is admirably painted in the next stanza.

The high vault was roughly painted in fresco, with cherubs and garlands of flowers in the barbarous manner of Italian art fifty years ago.

Nor does his instinct ever fail him, there is a vision in his eyes which he calls nature, and which he paints unconsciously as he digests his food, thinking and declaring vehemently that the artist should not seek a synthesis, but should paint merely what he sees.

And suiting her action to her word, she cut the string and lifted the cover; and there she saw six eggs undyed, but each painted delicately with a different design.

Behind there is a strip of strong blue-painted canvas bearing a text in gilt letters referring to the Sacrament.

Some poets, either intentionally or unintentionally, paint one type of men accurately and distort all the rest.

A gleam of exultation shot across his darkly painted lineaments as he watched his victims walking unconsciously into the trap which Magua had prepared.

This artist paints portraits principally.

The picture of what was meant for a cow, and had once been white, was depicted on it, and the words "A la Vache Blanche" were clumsily painted underneath.

The city is divided into seven sections, and each section is required by law, to either scrape the fronts of their houses once every seven years, so that the walls look new again, or to paint them anew.

In a curious picture by Francesco da Cotignola, Mary stands on a sculptured pedestal, in the midst of an architectural decoration of many-coloured marbles, most elaborately painted: through an opening is seen a distant landscape, and the blue sky; on her right stands St. John the Baptist, pointing upwards; on her left St. Francis, adoring; the votary kneels in front.

Fancifully but rather neatly painted, and with a stable to match, it looked like an exotic.

He paints distinctly and minutely, not omitting a single detail, when the occasion demands such faithful representation of real facts and localities; but he has also the power of flashing his meaning by suggestive hints which the most labored description and explication could not make more effective.

The picture of what was meant for a cow, and had once been white, was depicted on it, and the words "A la Vache Blanche" were clumsily painted underneath.

There were more buildings there than before, and all nicely painted.

If his pictures, admittedly painted after his supposed death, could not prove his identity; if his word was to be flouted by insulting and bewigged beasts of prey; then his moles should not prove his identity.

Even the fact that our deck-chairs were brand-new, and had our names boldly painted in handsome black letters across the back, failed to give us a thrill of pleasure.

It represented "Christ Raising a Repentant Sinner"a strong work, broadly painted.

She sedulously avoided Mateka, for there sat Hinpoha busily painting robins on the place cards for the banquet which was to take place the following night.

Instigated by love, she has doubtless painted my portrait from recollection; and, in the hope that I may be discovered through the likeness, has entrusted it to this lady who has now invited me to her house.

And it is because they see vividly that they can paint effectively.

" "Jack is one who never paints en beau," said Mr. Effingham.

The houses and their shops (they have all shops) are like nothing so much as so many scenes in a pantomimeso fancifully and variously are they filled, so brightly and fantastically painted, and so abruptly do they seem to have risen out of the ground!

he narrates rapidly and clearlythat he paints very forcibly,and that his readers throughout the tale are carried on, or away, by something of the sorcery which a brilliant orator exercises over his auditory.

Some day, I hope Sargent will paint a March of Sages, as gloriously as he has painted the panels of the Prophets.

An adjournment is then taken for dinner, and in the afternoon, six gorgeously painted and hideously decorated clowns come forward and go through a series of antics calculated to disgust rather than amuse the spectator.

Things were mirrored in his poetry without loss or blur: he could paint the fine with precision, the great with compass, the tragic and the comic indifferently and without any distortion or favor.

Beside it rises a huge castle with arched gateway, turrets, watch-towers, ramparts, etc., and to right and left palaces, obelisks, and pyramids fairly fill the gulf, all colossal and all lavishly painted and carved.

A special care Has that good man: he turns the statute-book; About his hall and chambers if you look, The moral virtues in fair effigy Are lively painted: moral philosophy Has not a sentence, be it great or small, But it is painted on his honour's wall.

Here also is No. 196, Van Dyck's portrait of Margherita of Lorraine, whose daughter became Cosimo III's wifea mischievous, weak face but magnificently painted; and No. 1536, a vividly-painted elderly widow by Jordaens (1593-1678); and on each side of the outrageous Rubens a distinguished Dutch gentleman and lady by the placid, refined Mierevelt.

They say that Thrasymachus of Chalcedon, and Gorgias of Leontini, were the first men who taught this science; after him Theodorus of Byzantium, and many others whom Socrates in the Phaedrus calls [Greek: logodaidaloi]; who have said many things very tolerably clever, but which seem as if they had arisen at the moment, trifling, and like animals which change their colour, and too minutely painted.

And so off I started at quarter past five with Souter Johnnie, the long-haired fifteen-year-old, and our cart with the new-painted tail-board that we only used on great days.

Obviously the same paint with which Sammy had been decorated.

Yet they conceal no abstruse spiritual meaning, but are plainly painted "for the poor laity of love to read."

The ceiling is of arabesque sculpture, profusely painted and gilded.

The boxes ought also to be similarly painted, and renewed when necessary, for which purpose lime and water will do very well.

After six Months Marriage to hear thee talk of Love, and paint the Country Scenes so softly, is a little extravagant; one would think you lived the Lives of Sylvan Deities, or roved among the Walks of Paradise, like the first happy Pair.

Pleasant is her room to see, Carved and painted wondrously.

For he had begun to paint again, magnificently, furiously, with all his old power and a new almost godlike one added to it.

But the goldsmith furnished me with vestments, and made an oratory on a chariot, decently painted with scripture histories; he made also a silver box or pix for the host, and an image of the blessed Virgin, and caused an iron instrument to be made for us to make hosts in our way.

It was, however, an unjust taunt, for no one had done more than Sybel himself in his historical work to point out the necessity, though he recognised the injustice, of the part Prussia had taken in the partition of Poland; nobody had painted so convincingly as he had, the political and social demoralisation of Poland.

Here a gayly painted wooden velocipede is in fashion.

Presently we began to see great motor ambulances coming along, each with a Red Cross painted glaringly on its sidethough that paint was wasted or worse, for there is no target the Hun loves better, it would seem, than the great red cross of mercy.

From nine o'clock until four daily I paint uninterruptedly at the Louvre, and, with the closest application, I shall not be able to finish it before the close of the gallery on the 10th of August.

Miss Rudenskรถld thought the girl's question came of a momentary forgetfulness, and answered, to remind her: "Well, you see, it is one of the usual subjects, but unusually well painted, that is all.

He has had odd skirmishes in his spiritual fold; and will have if he stays in it for ever; but the sheep have a very fair respect for the shepherd, and can "paint the lily" gracefully.

He painted on panels, which were afterward let into the walls, being employed on the public buildings of Athens, and on the great temple of Delphi, the hall of which he painted gratuitously.

They acknowledge not the resurrection of the deade, but when a man dyeth they thinke he neuer riseth again: In their houses they have great painted Deuils, before the which they place wax candles, and sing vnto them, praying them not to hurt them, and the more monstrous that their shapes be, the more they honour them.

She remembered nowhe couldn't have painted her as he had painted othersas he had painted a while ago the portrait of Phyllis Van Vorstcarelessly, contemptuously.

The shutters are painted green (greenly).

The wood of the pews grossly painted.

At the end of the time she bathes, her person is loaded with ornaments, her face is grotesquely painted with red stripes on a white ground, and thus adorned she is brought forth in public to be admired by everybody.

" Nausicรคa is, however, a prude compared with the enamoured woman as the Greek poets habitually paint her.

Thus the jealous and dissembling Mithridates, so happily painted by Racine, will not stand in the way of a poet, who shall attempt a jealous and dissembling Tiberius.

The shop in question is near the East Gate, but is hardly to be found without careful search, being denoted only by the name of "REDFERN," painted not very conspicuously in the top-light of the door.

The sun lay very warm on the vegetable beds and orchard trees, and there was a row of hivesnot painted cupboards such as one now sees, but big egg-shaped things made of a rope of twisted strawround which on warm days the humming bees made a low musical note, that rose and fell as the numbers increased or diminished.

Nor do we complain that we have an old woman or a coarse merrymaking occasionally, but that such things in their monotonous meanness fill whole rooms of "George Eliot's" gallery; and, in truth, the real parallel to her is not to be found in the old Dutchmen who honestly painted what was before their eyes, but rather in the perverseness of our modern "pre-Raphaelites."

Mrs. Orr seemed to be taking a very pessimistic view of our present sphere of action, which Mr. Browning, with poetic coloring, was trying to paint more hopefully.

There were savages moving about the fireor I took them for savages, until one half-naked lout, lounging near, taunted me with a Scotch burr in his throat, and I saw, in his horribly painted face, a pair of flashing eyes fixed on me.

My words are like Passus' picture in Lucian, of whom, when a good fellow had bespoke a horse to be painted with his heels upwards, tumbling on his back, he made him passant: now when the fellow came for his piece, he was very angry, and said, it was quite opposite to his mind; but Passus instantly turned the picture upside down, showed him the horse at that site which he requested, and so gave him satisfaction.

Without being in the least aware of it, and quite innocently, Janet had painted a picture of the young man, Edwin Clayhanger, which intensified a hundredfold the strong romantic piquancy of Hilda's brief vision of him.

Paints genre subjects, some of which are "Captain John," in National Museum; "Laughing Child," in C. P. Huntington Collection; "Who Comes?" in private hands in Denver, etc. Mrs. Hudson's pictures of Indians, the Pomas especially, are very interesting, although when one sees the living article one wonders how a picture of him, conscientiously painted and truthful in detail, can be so little repulsiveor, in fact, not repulsive at all.

It has just been re-painted internally, and necessarily looks somewhat smart on that account; but there is no pretension to architecture in the general building.

Titian invariably paints "Madonna and Saints," or a "Holy Family," so that the three Madonna pictures I am claiming for Giorgione are marked off by this peculiarity from the bulk of Titian's work.

Among them was a small, but precious picture by Giotto,a beautiful little Raphael,three undoubted works of Titian,and, most precious of all, a picture, formerly in the Ludovisi collection, painted jointly by Giovanni Bellini and Titian.

But when I saw the blessings shower On some unworthy mind, 30 I left the chase, and own'd the power Was justly painted blind.

"And, lastly, no false person can paint.