120 words to describe how to  part  - Adverbs for  part

120 words to describe how to part

They soon parted again forever, and he went to England, there to atone for these inglorious earlier days by one deed of heroic loyalty which it is not ours to tell.

Suddenly the veil parted and fled.

"And it came to pass, as they still went on and talked, that behold there appeared a chariot of fire and horses of fire, which parted them both asunder.

Your Jewel, Sir, is rich: Why do you part with things of so much value, So easily, and so frequently?

Then they began to talk among themselves, and some said, "This must be some thief who has stolen cart, horse, and meat"; but others said, "Nay, when did ye ever see a thief who parted with his goods so freely and merrily?

But there are many who would gladly part with their whole bodies rather than offend, and could not yet so rise above the invasions of the senses.

But Beltane shook his head: "I'm fain to see why they laugh," said he, and speaking, stole forward soft-footed amid the shadows; and so presently parting the leaves, looked down into an open dell or dingle full of the light of the rising moon; light that glinted upon the steel caps and hauberks of some score men, who leaned upon pike or gisarm about one who sat upon a fallen treeand Beltane saw that this was Giles the Bowman.

The masks were, quite simply, to be advanced so far in the way of putrefaction that the bristles would part readily from their sockets.

In August he settled a schoolmaster, leaving Mr. Habersham at Savannah; and, parting affectionately with his flock, he went to Charlestown, South Carolina, and, on the 9th of September, went aboard the Mary, Captain Coe, for England, where he arrived in the latter part of November, 1738.

And every couple parted amicably; each being satisfied to terminate the old partnership.

Indeed they were seldom parted; and the three sisters remained together with equal affection.

The shouts which rewarded his success had scarcely parted from the multitude, ere their admiration was called to a new and an entirely unexpected aspect in the struggle.

Her eyes were towards the two who had parted so reluctantly on the bridge over the brook.

Perchance you turn from passionate vows, words wild with love's sweet madness, With soft eyes looking far sway, in yearning trust and sadness; A look that tells his alien soul how widely you are parted, Though he knows not whom your rapt eyes seek, my sweet, my loving-hearted.

The most illustrious sovereigns have never parted willingly with their own prerogatives.

The light shines in his brown hair, and she bending down till her lips touch a stray curl, they part silently, and she breathes upon him from her very soul, a mute "Fare thee well, dear love."

" As he spoke Rudolf carefully parted the bushes at a spot where they were thin and peeped between the leaves, Ann and Peter crowding each other to see over his shoulder.

She was dressed with almost rigid simplicity, and her abundant light-brown hair was plainly parted.

Indeed, it lacked not those who would have cheerfully parted with two or three hundred more.

How could Mr. Green possibly part with him?

His mother also encouraged the poor boy to go with his sister; so having washed his face, neatly parted his hair, and arranged his poor but carefully darned clothes as tidily as possible, Madelaine took his hand, and led him out.

I wish you might hate to let me go, as I myself hate to go!And when I reach the top of the hill (if you wait long enough) you will see me turn and wave my hand; and you will know that I am still relishing the joy of our meeting, and that I part unwillingly.

I know nothing of his folk, whether they be mean or high; nor do I know whether he will part as swiftly as he came.

And before them the clouds slowly parted, and again there shone that single, magic star, dazzingly pure against the darkness.

Mariana, with a heart capable of highest Eros, gave it to one who knew love only as a flower or plaything, and bound her heartstrings to one who parted his as lightly as the ripe fruit leaves the bough.

Jarley himself could no more have taken the time to part it satisfactorily than he could have flown.

Slightly bent on one side, with the rim of the shell thrust under his locks, lips gently parted, and the face wrought up to the most hushed and breathless expression, he listens whether the sound be deeper than its wont.

As both had thought of nothing but his last words during the short separation, there appeared no abruptness in the manner in which he resumed the discourse, on seating himself at her side, exactly as if they had not parted at all.

It was now nearly three months since she and young Myrvin had so painfully parted, and her feelings, instead of diminishing in their intensity, appeared to become more powerful.

However in November 2019, it was reported that the musician had quietly parted ways with Ms Bowden and was facing a multi-million pound divorce battle.

He sat at the head of his table, a distinguished, almost handsome personality, his grey hair accurately parted, every detail of his toilette in exact accordance with the fashions of the moment, his eyes everywhere, his tongue seldom silent.

The lower pinnæ pinnately parted into three to five divisions, those of the fertile fronds oblong or linear-oblong; those of the sterile, obovate or ovate, crenulate, decurrent at the base.

So Master Andrew was ashamed of his rashness, and was persuaded to take himself away for a time; and we parted very lovingly.

We then sorrowfully parted, the clerk returning to the court of Sartach, while we remained following the court of Baatu.

If he had had a cap, he had evidently parted with it during his dive into the sea.

Involuntarily I parted the vines at the mouth of the cave, for I had been lying with my head close upon them, and gazed down the side of the small hill, where it was possible to see, even despite the gloom of the night, no less than ten forms coming up the incline as if following a trail.

The lovers parted hastily and tried to capture the dog, but eluding their pursuit he jumped over the footlights into the orchestra, landing with a crash on the keys of the piano, and then out into the audience.

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I warned her about being sufficiently careful with so large a sum, and parting from it injudiciously, as women of her class are very apt to do.

Like a wedge he dashed through the mob, which parted instinctively before him, and all oblivious of the rain of lead which fell around him, reached the point where Captain McBane, the bravest man in the party, stood waiting to meet him.

The last fear that occurred to him was that within ten years a hopeless rift, not of affection but of conviction, would have run through that company of friends, and parted irrevocably their course and work in life.

Mrs. Cadurcis parted from Lady Annabel with all the warm expressions of a heart naturally kind and generous; and Plantagenet embraced Venetia, and promised that the next day he would find his way alone from Cadurcis, through the wood, and come and take another walk with her.

I answered quietly, doggedly, for there was nothing left in me to appeal to: "I am glad we can part kindly. . . .

Mournfully petulantly part satisfactorily a unsuccessful impression up to a debonair race!

Now as he bathed him thus, gasping somewhat because of the cold, yet glorying in the rush and tingle of his blood, behold, the leaves parted near by, and uprising in his naked might, Beltane beheld the face of one that watched him intently.

"Everybody'll be so tuck up a-watchin' you that they won't have time to notice is my hair parted straight, nohow."

And now," he continued looking about him like one who was determined to be equal to the pang of the moment, however difficult it might prove, and surveying, with an eye of painful regret, those naked decks which were so lately teeming with scenes of life and revelry; "and nowaynow we part!

But the men had gone, had obviously parted for the night.

Hearts are set to officially part company with the Republic of Ireland midfielder Glenn Whelan this week.

After which we parted peaceably over to the other side: being-landed, the Scot and I took our way together, and left the furious churchman to vent his spleen by himself.