55 adverbs to describe how to plucks

He plucks it forth.

Then she answered, nervously plucking at her apron the while: "I don't think it'd be much use doing that, sir.

Being come very nigh, Beltane checked his horse and was about to dismount, when Roger, uttering a sudden gasping cry, cowered to his knees, for in the air about them was a sound very sweet to hearthe whisper of lute-strings softly plucked by skilled and cunning fingers, and thereafter a man's voice, rich and melodious, brake forth into tender singing: and the words were these: "O moon!

Byron, if not one of the safest, was one of the warmest of friends; and he plucked the more eagerly at the choicest fruit of English public school and college life, from the feeling he so pathetically expresses, Is there no cause beyond the common claim, Endear'd to all in childhood's very name?

The grim brick façade is festooned with wreaths of freshly-plucked roses.

I tried very hard to make it go; I turned several screws and pushed all the push-buttons" Mr. Carr emitted a hollow, despairing sounda sort of musical groanand feebly plucked at space.

"I had not thought of any such thing, Aunt Jeanne," replied Victorine, still speaking slowly, and still with a dreamy expression on her face, as she leaned out of the window and began idly plucking the blossoms from a bough of the big pear-tree, which was now all white with flowers and buzzing with bees.

Manuel was plucking irresolutely at his grizzled short beard, for there was no doubt as to the strapping tall young fellow.

Man, as to the affections and thoughts of his mind, is in the midst of angels and spirits, and is so consociated with them, that were he to be plucked asunder from them, he would instantly die, 28.

[She plucks a flower viciously and pulls off its petals]

The seed of conciliation had hardly begun to grow before it was plucked hastily up by the roots again.

Just before we reached the farm, the driver stopped to point out a hawthorn, growing by the way-side, which he said was Burns's "Lousie Thorn"; and I devoutly plucked a branch, although I have really forgotten where or how this illustrious shrub has been celebrated.

John plucked at his neck again, and, dumbly, held out the key.

But he had been effectually plucked from further sleep, sleep had been strangled, and he got out of bed and went to the window.

He cheats young gulls that are newly come to town; and when the keeper of the ordinary blames him for it he answers him in his own profession, that a woodcock must be plucked ere he be dressed.

The mightiness of that loved leader, lonely and unafraid, trafficking with the principalities and powers of sound, and reckoning without misgiving upon the cooperation of his other "notes"this plucked fearfully at his heartstrings.

Elspeth did not look at me, but sat with cast-down eyes, plucking feverishly at a rose.

Firstly, he plucked off my hat, telling me I ought to stand bareheaded in the presence of gentlemen.

We learnt to distinguish the poisonous Manchineel; and were thankful, in serious earnest, that we had happily plucked none the night before, when we were snatching at every new leaf; for its milky juice, by mere dropping on the skin, burns like the poisoned tunic of Nessus, and will even, when the head is injured by it, cause blindness and death.

She, indeed, called it a misfortune, but so cheerily and gayly that her voice belied the term; and Anthrops insensibly plucked up heart, and shook off somewhat of that paralyzing astonishment.

Lastly, in the absence of Pimonio, who has gone to be present at the games held at the festival, Carpalio and Melidia pluck the fruit of love, and are saved from the anger of the brother through his conveniently falling into an enchanted lake whence he emerges in the shape of a boar.

All things should not be sown in rich land, nor should thin land be left unsown, for it is better to sow in light soil those things which do not require much nourishment, such as snail clover and the legumes, except always chick peas (for this also is a legume like the other plants which are not reaped but from which the grain is plucked) because those things which it is the custom to pluck (legere) are called legumes.

" Sang Sire Edward: "I sing of Death, that comes unto the king, And lightly plucks him from the cushioned throne; And drowns his glory and his warfaring In unrecorded dim oblivion; And girds another with the sword thereof; And sets another in his stead to reign; And ousts the remnant, nakedly to gain Styx' formless shore and nakedly complain Midst twittering ghosts lamenting life and love.

Into many snares of the senses my mind wanders miserably, but Thou pluckest me out mercifully.

The courtiers, encouraged by their insolent young master, scoffed at the dress, and mockingly plucked the long beards of the tributaries.

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