109 adverbs to describe how to plunge

Like the Alp-climbing ibex of Europe, our mountaineer is said to plunge headlong down the faces of sheer precipices, and alight on his big horns.

He plunged deeper and brought up Pacific Coast eagles and five-dollar pieces, Canadian and American gold that went rolling out of his maimed and nervous hand across the tablet to the scales and set the brass pans sawing up and down.

The consequence was that it would plunge downward almost as though making a sheer drop; the noose tightening about the leg or legs of the unhappy wight who had sprung the trap, he would be jerked off his feet and hauled up, head downward, to dangle there in midair, as helpless as a babe.

Never pausing, the Boy glanced back, vaguely amused, and saw the Colonel plunging heavily along in front of half a dozen, who were obviously out of condition for such an expeditioneyes bloodshot, lumbering on with nervous "whisky gait," now whipped into a breathless gallop, now half falling by the way.

He leaped up a dozen feet into the air, bleated out in the extremity of his terror, and plunged madly forward, as if a whole legion of fiends were at his tail.

Johnnie's agonized eyes searched first its mechanism, and then went to the descending figures, where her uncle plunged desperately down the slope, fell, struggled, rolled, but rose and came gallantly on, half dragging, half carrying Gray in his arms.

I was like the rider of a frightened horse, rendered almost wild by something which in the mystery of its voiceless being it has seen, something on the road which it will not pass, but wildly plunging, resisting every persuasion, turns from, with ever-increasing passion.

I did my best to keep a stout face, and when the shot came, I waved my hand to them and plunged boldly into the leafy darkness.

Mr. Wilks plunged hastily into conversation.

The animal plunged furiously for again for a few rods, stopped a moment, and then settled slowly down, and fell over on its side, dead.

" Then, as they plunged anew in the gloomy deeps of swamp and brake, the friendly lights were lost and the depressed wayfarers struggled on with something of the feeling of a crew cast away at sea, who, thrown upon the crest of a rising billow, catch a near glimpse of a great ship, light and taut, riding serenely havenward to lose it the next in the dire waste.

I heard him dash the door wide open, call to those on deck, and then saw him wheel about to again confront the devils plunging blindly forward toward us through the dark cabin.

Recklessly he plunged into the water.

The mounds were uneven, and more than once Onistah plunged knee-deep from one into the swamp.

She threw out her arms in a vain endeavor to save herself, and with a low cry toppled and plunged swiftly toward the ground.

"Save that child if I can," flung back Peggy, plunging bravely up the smoke-laden stairway.

Nancy gave a cry, but without a word or sound Teddy plunged in head foremost after it.

He plunged fearlessly into every subject which had a bearing on religious life.

May I ask you to be good enough to release my horse's reins?" Ida's hand fell from the reins, and her face grew crimson; but before she could have retorted, even if she had intended doing so, Maude struck the horse again; it turned and dashed across the field, kicking and plunging violently, with Maude swaying perilously in the saddle.

About six months since, the General Conference of Methodists resolutely plunged into the current without suffering itself to be trammelled by the protests which came to it from the South.

Come horse!and at one fearful bound Plunge in the gulf beneath!

But Leonard's foot was now on the ladder, and rushing up with inconceivable swiftness, he plunged through the window regardless of the flame.

Afterward, when he becomes older, and more inured to it, he may be plunged several times in succession.

Where the rifles clash and the cannon boom, Where glory beckons or love or fame I plunge me heedlessly in the game.

He shook the tins one by one beside his ear, and then, selecting that which gave out no "flop" of oil, stripped it open, plunged his fingers inside, and pulled forth a clammy mess of putty and sawdust.

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