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And daily thanks; I chiefly, who enjoy So far the happier Lot, enjoying thee Preeminent by so much odds, while thou Like consort to thy self canst no where find, &c. The remaining part of Eves Speech, in which she gives an Account of her self upon her first Creation, and the manner in which she was brought to Adam, is I think as beautiful a Passage as any in Milton, or perhaps in any other Poet whatsoever.

Mr. Tennyson is too intimately and essentially the poet of the nineteenth century to separate himself from its leading characteristics, the progress of physical science and a vast commercial, mechanical, and industrial development.

A Dinner-giving lordly Poet.

As purely poet, Shakspeare would have come too late, had his lot fallen in that generation.

Eighteen years older than he was when he wrote that, Addison now prepares by a series of Saturday Essays,the Saturday Paper which reached many subscribers only in time for Sunday reading, being always set apart in the Spectator for moral or religious topics, to show that, judged also by Aristotle and the "critics nicer laws," Milton was even technically a greater epic poet than either Homer or Virgil.

The first and ninth Eclogues, and only these, concern the confiscations of land at Cremona and Mantua which threatened to deprive Vergil's father of his estates and consequently the poet of his income.

Few artists have been wise in this respect; poets, for example, very seldom.

At all events, he was first a man and incidentally a poet; and every real poet that ever sang, whether or not he wielded the weapons of physical warfare, has been just the same.

Some poets, either intentionally or unintentionally, paint one type of men accurately and distort all the rest.

In this last piece the poet no less beautifully than truly observes, To sympathies, which soothe and bless Our life from day to day, Which throw, with silent tenderness, Fresh flowers across our way, The heart must ever fondly cling: But can the poet's sweetest string Their loveliness display?

He would have scorned to be considered merely a descriptive poet of nature.

The philosopher approaches philosophy directly, the poet obliquely; but the indirect teaching of a poet touches us more profoundly than the direct lesson of a moral treatise, because the latter appeals principally to our reason, whereas the poet touches our "transcendental feeling.

It is precisely those poets that are especially characterized by German peculiarities who have also trained themselves in the use of foreign subjects and forms: thus did Uhland, Mörike, Hebbel, and all the Romanticists.

"If so, it was for a good purpose," answered the would-be poet warmly.

But Truth, has many faces; and scarcely any poet (except perhaps Shakespeare) has come within measurable distance of expressing every aspect of the human character.

The poet beheld from where he stood the blaze of the empyrean, and heard the music of the spheres; yet he was only in the first or lowest Heaven, the circle of the orb of the moon.

'But, my excellent poet,' I said to myself, 'you need not have loaded me with heaven and hell a second time, so carelessly.'

The poet characteristically, in Don Juan and elsewhere, attacks the sceptics, and then half ridicules the belief.

"I was going to, sir," answered the would-be poet cheerily.

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