5 adverbs to describe how to pollute

And the continent itself, to which these geographically belong, was widely polluted by their domain.

Ere I pollute my sacred nuptial bed.

These negroes had been systematically brutalized from childhood; they had been allowed no legalized or permanent marriage; they had beheld around them an habitual licentiousness, such as can scarcely exist except in a Slave State; some of them had seen their wives and sisters habitually polluted by the husbands and the brothers of these fair white women who were now absolutely in their power.

The third was: Would the necessarily modest service of the restored temple, already sadly polluted by heathen hands, be acceptable to Jehovah?

And now the book found its way to tables which had seldom been polluted by marble-covered volumes.

5 adverbs to describe how to  pollute  - Adverbs for  pollute