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She was exceedingly pretty, daughter of a retired hotel-keeper in easy circumstances.

Oh, Edith, you're looking awfully pretty; I like that hat.

" "It looks mighty pretty," said Ted.

She was easy to dress, being tall, slim and remarkably pretty.

She was an unusually pretty girl, he thought, and he had always been inordinately proud of her.

For the dense woodlands, which are often merely pretty in midsummer, become astonishingly lovely as the foliage draping the steep hillsides takes on its gorgeous colours, and the gills and becks on the moors send down a plentiful supply of water to fill the dales with the music of rushing streams.

Another motherless niece, Hetty Sorrel, a distractingly pretty girl of seventeen, was busy in the adjoining dairy.

And Miss Blake's ranch is a mighty pretty place, lonesome but wonderfully pretty.

The use of the offensive phrase "excessively pretty," as applied to a lace tidy by a very tiny female named Lucy, brings down upon her sinful head eleven pages of such moralizing as would only be delivered by a modern mamma on hearing a confession of robbery or murder.

That little bridge leadin' over to the swings and seats across the river was real pretty and pleasant.

I have mentioned three Palaces; I know of five; but will close with just a few words respecting a fourth, and a view of the same, which is charmingly pretty.

Then it was she who had dared to do battle with her mother's somewhat old-fashioned taste in dress; and whenever the Mesurier sisters came out in something specially pretty or fashionable, it was due to Esther.

She only wished, my dear, you could hear Mr. Withers express himself on those subjects,his ideas were so delightfully "your deal, my love"clear, his illustrations so sweetly pretty, and his manner so earnest; really, he stirred her like"hearts, did you say?a trump.

Our girls are acknowledged to be uncommonly pretty, witty and wise, but some of us wish they had more health and less excitement, more domestic accomplishments and fewer ologies and isms, and were contented with simple pleasures and the old-fashioned virtues, and not quite so fond of the fast, frivolous life that makes them old so soon.

It is a decidedly pretty shrub, but is not so hardy as the others.

She came toward him, flushed, excited, adorably pretty.

Yes; but only exquisitely pretty.

A girl, undeniably pretty, with dark, red-gold hair, wearing a long ermine coat and followed by a fashionably dressed young man, was making her way up the room.

We are confirmed in this suspicion by noticing Dalton's ecstatic delight over the immoral courtship customs of the Bhúiyas, which he found "marvellously pretty and romantic" and describes as follows:

But if I had the luck to meet with a woman I could like, tolerably pretty and agreeable, and all that kind of thing, and weak enough to care for mea woman with a handsome fortuneI should be a fool not to snap at such a chance.

The upper tiers of ladies were the youngest, and least adorned, and consequently the prettiest.

I spent about half an hour looking at the photographs which were chiefly "snaps" (some by flashlight) of an extraordinarily pretty girl; though in some of the photographs it was wonderful that her prettiness was so evident for so frightened and startled was her expression that it was difficult not to believe that she had been photographed in the presence of some imminent and overwhelming danger.

I will even agree that we both know plenty of women who have cheerfully gone on struggling to a far greater age, and I do think it downright pretty of you to find me younger than my years.

In one case I could not help believing that a certain strikingly-pretty, self-possessed girl was not altogether averse to a war which could thus bring to her side the attentions of such a handsome and gallant set of officers as were gathered round her.

The only thing was that her mother was, thank goodness, still so much prettier, still so assertively, so publicly, so trashily, so ruinously pretty.

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