22 adverbs to describe how to proffering

Gratefully he acknowledged the debt he owed them, confessed he would rather have received such a benefit from them than from any others in the college, and at length, unable to resist the frankly proffered friendship of Percy, the silent entreaty of Herbert, he grasped with convulsive pressure their offered hands, and promised faithfully he would avoid them no more.

It was an interesting coincidence, that on the occasion of our visit to the Belle estate we were indebted to Mr. Thorne, the former property of that estate, for his horse and chaise, which he politely proffered to us.

The dear Saviour lowly, For us sinners His own life did offer; So with hearts pure and free, Forever do we Our lives unto Him gladly proffer.

How had he kept himself from catching her to his heart in that moment, and holding her there while he drank his fill of the cup she had so shyly proffered?

Mr. Wace, after a few suitable condolences, a little off-handedly proffered perhaps, hurried at once to Great Portland Street.

Realizing his embarrassment, I hastily proffered a few words of greeting, and then he chose the latter prerogative.

May I offer you one?" He dropped upon his knees to pick up the dish, and in that attitude humbly proffered it to her.

and he indicated it with the pipe he held in one sinewy handfor the native courtesy of the man had involuntarily proffered us the homage of removing it from his lips, when we addressed him.

Venice, being more munificent in expenditure than her unassisted treasury would warrant, was at all times ready to receive and encourage private bounties from her wealthy citizens; and the promptness and generosity of Magagnati's gift, the first which had been offered in this emergency, seemed in the interests of the government to demand some adequate public recognition, modestly as it had been proffered.

Dr. Durand looked serious at the sight of my woful aspect, and Marion mutely proffered her vinaigrette, gratefully accepted, as was the good doctor's compassionate silence; but, as usual, Favraud, after having once gotten fairly under weigh, ran on.

No offenshmerely proffered my shervices . . .

Angelina proffered to her, but for an incident which occurred about this time, scarcely a fortnight after the last sentence quoted,an incident which proved to be the last straw added to the heavy burden she had borne so submissively, if not patiently.

"He has to clean up after his own feet, he's so dirty," sagely proffered Handy Solomon.

Therefore, repressing all respect, would say, She proffers silently her simple strain; If you approveshe has not toil'd in vain!

Caesar did not reject the proposal and began to think that he was now returning to a rational state of mind, as he spontaneously proffered that which he had previously refused to him when requesting it; and was in great hopes that, in consideration of his own and the Roman people's great favours towards him, the issue would be that he would desist from his obstinacy upon his demands being made known.

Thenas a surprisehe proffered the filled plate, meanwhile raising his arm in feigned fear of a blow.

For a moment Ethelyn hesitated, but Eunice had been so kind, and proffered her request so timidly, that she could not well refuse, and gave a faint assent.

Plausaby affectionately proffered the loan of his horse and buggy, which Charlton could not well refuse, and so the two set out for Glenfleld with many kind adieus.

" Very wistfully the little man proffered his suggestion.

But the third request she proffers boldly "without any condition," since it was necessarily God's desire to grant it and to be sued for it; namely, the grace of a three-fold wound: the wound of true sorrow for sin; the wound of "kind compassion" with Christ's sufferings; and the wound of "wilful belonging to God," that is, of self-devotion.

For Colonel Oswald, having failed in a third nomination for Congress, had gallantly proffered his services to the Governor of the State, and, in consideration of his influence with his German compatriots, had been granted a commission, though with reluctance, as he had supported the Democratic party and was not yet trusted in the Republican councils.

" She proffered her hand gracefully.

22 adverbs to describe how to  proffering  - Adverbs for  proffering