46 adverbs to describe how to prolonged

I have no time for interiors, or should be tempted to prolong this indefinitely.

That is a wise regulation of the church, which makes the marriage ceremony brief, for the intensity of the feelings it often creates would frequently become too powerful to be suppressed, were it unnecessarily prolonged.

Their devotions ended, Amabel took leave of her brothers, and the parting might have been painfully prolonged but for the interposition of her father.

This it was, of course, impossible to give him, and any nourishment would merely have prolonged his misery.

There is no doubt but what the observed times of survival may be considerably prolonged when we have a better knowledge of the serums that are most favorable and the physical and chemical conditions that are most advantageous.

The Tories accused Marlborough of needlessly prolonging the war in order to advance his personal interests,from which charge it would be difficult to acquit him.

For the first four or five weeks, the infant should not be kept in beyond three or four minutes; and the duration must afterwards be gradually prolonged as the child advances in age, until it extends to a quarter of an hour, a period which may be allowed after it has attained the age of four years.

Subsequently the time of remaining in the water may be prolonged, but this must be increased gradually; the positive necessity of leaving the bath while there still remains sufficient power of reaction being always kept in mind.

He himself resided at London; and employing, as his instrument, Fitz-Richard, the seditious mayor, who had violently and illegally prolonged his authority, he wrought up that city to the highest ferment and agitation.

For fondly the Immortals view Man's widely scatter'd simple race; And the poor mortal's transient life Gladly prolong, that he may lift Awhile to their eternal heavens His sympathetic joyous gaze.

Either, then, it was somehow unusually prolonged, or else the clash of the Ottoman war revived it.

At this point it is prolonged upwards as a pouch behind the lower extremity of the first phalanx.

The banks of the Inn are so romantic and picturesque that I would willingly prolong my séjour at Innspruck, but as I mean to take the journey from Mittenwald to Munich by the river Isar, I must take advantage of the raft which starts from that place the day after to-morrow.

The stiff carriage of Quintus Fabius, and the attacks of the demagogues which it provoked, had rendered the dictatorship and the senate generally more unpopular than ever: amongst the people, not without the connivance of their leaders, the foolish report circulated that the senate was intentionally prolonging the war.

That Lee was confident of his ability to carry on such a struggle successfully is certain; and Washington had conceived the same idea in the old Revolution, when he said that if he were driven from the seaboard he would take refuge in West Augusta, and thereby prolong the war interminably.

Luckily God prolonged my life, that I might repent, and did not strike me down in my sins.

I opened my lips to speak to R.C. when I was rendered mute by a piercing whistle, high-pitched and sweet and melodiously prolonged.

I suppose that I, like all other middle-aged writers, am tempted to think that my own youth is miraculously prolonged; that I have not lost in fire what I have gained in patience and width of view.

If my existence, either officially or corporeally, were prolonged twenty times longer than either of them is likely to be, a Parliamentary system in India is not at all the goal to which I would for one moment aspire.

Olive repeated the kiss, prolonging it passionately.

Buildings, people, customs, seem all about to crumble and fall of their own weight: the present is a perpetually prolonged past.

Men, practically, live a dozen lives such as those of the past in their single span of seventy years; and we are even finding means of prolonging the Scriptural limit of mortal existence physically as well as mentally.

Chantel, for the moment, was fencing; and though his attacks came ceaseless and quick as flame, he was plainly prolonging them, discarding them, repeating, varying, whether for black-hearted merriment, or the vanity of perfect form, or love of his art.

Then he addressed the Wilbur twin, now skillfully prolonging the last of his cookies.

In 1820 they invited me for a six months' visit to them in the South of France, which their kindness ultimately prolonged to nearly a twelvemonth.

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