169 words to describe how to  promotes  - Adverbs for  promotes

169 words to describe how to promotes

Behind the law stands the State, armed with power, which it employs, and rightly so, not merely to protect, but actively to promote, the moral and spiritual interests of society.

But as in other fairs some one commodity is as the chief of all the fair, so the ware of Rome and her merchandise is greatly promoted in this fair; only our English nation, with some others, have taken a dislike thereat.

It would be worse for the newly promoted to tell his friends about his step up in the world himself.

"That your petitioners believe it will not be difficult to have such methods pointed out as will tend to supply the present necessities, and at the same time effectually promote the increase of seamen, when this honourable house shall think fit to inquire into a matter of such high importance to the naval power, trade, and riches of this kingdom.

It ought, therefore, sir, to have been the first endeavour of those by whom this address has been so zealously promoted, to show that his claim, so publickly explained, so firmly urged, and so strongly supported, is without foundation in justice or in reason, and is only one of those imaginary titles, which ambition may always find to the dominions of another.

Cabinet Office minister Chloe Smith said: This government is already making political campaigning more transparent for voters, with new, world-leading measures that will require campaign content promoted online to explicitly show who is behind it.

;Money match: a non-title match which was the most heavily promoted of the card that is placed near or at the end of a live event, which is the main reason fans attended the event or watched the event.

When he was but sixteen years old, he ran away from home, shipped before the mast, and, after several long voyages, was discharged, at his own request, at Carthagena, where he entered a shipping-house as clerk, and, having excellent mercantile talents, was rapidly promoted.

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide, also condemned the killings and urged Iraqi authorities to launch an investigation.

The government promotes Onam internationally in a big way and celebrates 'Tourist Week' for Kerala during Onam celebrations.

David might easily have been assigned to duty in a munitions factory, but he had applied for a dangerous post at the Front, where he had quickly been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

He had subsequently been promoted to the rank of cardinal; and, though he was notoriously devoid of capacity, yet through the influence of his relations, and

At a national council called in 1853 to promote more effectively the amelioration of the colored people, the question of emigration and that only was taken up for serious consideration.

Specifically, partnership will promote effective coordination efforts towards multi-sector and comprehensive response to ageing and older persons during and post COVID-19.

Bryan, who was eventually promoted to Mariah’s creative director, starred in her short-lived E! television series, (2016-2017).

This premature rising of the Boii on the one hand, by delaying the departure of Scipio for Spain, essentially promoted the plans of Hannibal; on the other hand, but for its occurrence he would have found the valley of the Po entirely unoccupied, except the fortresses.

Rubino has spent most of his career promoting American democratic values abroad, and his campaign says his skill set will be invaluable in these difficult times.

To regulate its conduct so as to promote equally the prosperity of these three cardinal interests is one of the most difficult tasks of Government; and it may be regretted that the complicated restrictions which now embarrass the intercourse of nations could not by common consent be abolished, and commerce allowed to flow in those channels to which individual enterprise, always its surest guide, might direct it.

"Such cooperation between the private sector and our farming community is commendable and should be aggressively promoted.

With respect to the enlargement of my knowledge, it was promoted likewise.

I expect Young to retain, since the match with Swann has already been widely promoted for Bound for Glory only a few weeks after Victory Road.

The conceit of dreams, according to the votary's wishes, was so powerfully promoted by the preparatory initiation he had undergone, that it would have been somewhat extraordinary had he been altogether disappointed.

By this means, pressure and motion are communicated to the parts of the egg, which, in some inscrutable way, gradually promote the formation and growth of the young, till the time comes for its escaping from the shell.

Whatever may have been the policy of Argyle, he most certainly promoted this mission, and "overswayed the opposition to it by his reason, authority, and diligence,"Baillie, ii.

In every instance in which a commandment of God is transgressed, under the cover and plea of a human law, purporting to permit what that commandment forbids, there is, in proportion to the authority and influence of the transgressor, a fresh sanction imparted to that law; and consequently, in the same proportion the public habit of setting up a false standard of right and wrong is promoted.

The scenes, from the beginning to the end, are busy, varied by happy interchanges, and regularly promoting the progression of the story; and the narrative, in the end, though it tells but what is known already, yet is necessary to produce the death of Othello.

Helping businesses generate sales and promote their products and services locally or internationally by implementing internet market strategies and social media networking.

Wherever different events may arise, which is the state of all human transactions, we naturally promote our hopes, and repress our fears; and in time so far deceive ourselves, as to quiet all our suspicions, lay all our terrours asleep, and believe what at first we only wished.

As stated earlier, it is fulfilling to successfully promote other artists whether it is selling their work from an exhibit or having a full audience for a performer.

The Earls of Flanders and Blois were engaged in the holy war: the Count of Champagne was an infant, and under the guardianship of Philip: the duchy of Britany, enraged at the murder of their prince, vigorously promoted all his measures: and the general defection of John's vassals made every enterprise easy and successful against him.

Whatever, my lords, be the true reasons for which this bill is so warmly promoted, I think they ought, at least, to be deliberately examined; and, therefore, cannot think it consistent with our regard for the nation to suffer it to be precipitated into a law.

But, as a practical statesman, he felt that the one kind of education he had it in his power to forward directly by measures falling within his own legitimate province; while the other he could only promote indirectly, by pointing out the need for it, and drawing attention to the peculiar circumstances of the island respecting it.

Meanwhile he had organized the Eagle Guard, one of the first independent military companies in the State, and had also been successively promoted from adjutant to ordnance officer, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, on Major-General Halleck's staff of the State Militia.

This is a joint effort of Canada, the United States and Mexico to simultaneously promote injury and illness prevention in the workplace and to recognize the efforts of those who have contributed to the improvement of health and safety in the workplace.

He has promoted open government data globally, is a member of the UK's Transparency Board.

We hope those Persons of Sense and Quality who have done us the Honour to subscribe, will not be ashamed of their Patronage towards us, and not receive Impressions that patronising us is being for or against the Opera, but truly promoting their own Diversions in a more just and elegant Manner than has been hitherto performed.

I had been promoted twice, and had managed each time to pull "Red" along with me.

That there is room for improvements which will materially promote both economy and success in what appertains to the Army and the war is equally inculcated by the examples of other countries and by the experience of our own.

Both society and school systems consistently promote the pursuit of a four-year college education, but that model simply doesn’t work for everybody, Martiny says.

His dominions extended from the Black Sea to the Adriatic and comprised the greater part of Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Servia, and Dalmatia; leaving only to the Byzantine Empirewhose civilization he introduced and sedulously promoted among the Bulgariansthe cities of Constantinople, Saloniki, and Adrianople with the territory immediately surrounding them.

According to an ADL report released on Thursday, members of the Proud Boys, adherents of conspiracy theory QAnon, anti-government extremists and white supremacists all openly promote their views on Parler.

Furthermore, the Americans may promote free speech, but free speech that is controlled and planned by the Cabinet of the United States President, George Bush.

In aboost to those who have joined the police force from Junglemahal, she said they will automatically be promoted as constables after a period of five years.

In 1802 he succeeded, on the sudden death of his elder brother, and became sixth Duke of Bedford; and his sons, becoming Lord William and Lord John, were duly promoted to the privileged bench.

First on the list of executive orders is the reinstatement of taxpayer funding to groups that promote abortion overseas.

Even if you have decided to use a broker, that doesn’t mean you can forget about the sale and wait for the enquiries to roll in. You should continue to promote the sale regardless of the fact you have a broker working on the sale for you.

He promoted assiduously the interests of the multitude and admired no one man, being excessively devoted to the common weal; suspicious of sovereignty, he hated everything that had grown above its fellows, but loved everything mediocre through pity for its weakness.

Republican elected officials are increasingly promoting QAnon.

Collectively, partners in Everytown's project are planning to host at least 50 events designed to engage Americans of faith on gun issues and promote voter registration ahead of November's elections.

Additionally, Secz promotes market integrity and investor confidence.