35 adverbs to describe how to prompted

I am possessed by a shouting devil, who is continually prompting me to give the "hip-hip-hurrah!"

"You shan't lose; not even if I have toto" "Not even if you have to?" prompted the Prince, eagerly, as she stammered and stopped.

"The task of a schoolmaster laboriously prompting and urging an indolent class, is worse than his who drives lazy horses along a sandy road.

Besides the numerous motions which were brought forward by the Opposition respecting the continuance and conduct of the war, there were several also which were indirectly prompted by it.

It should be mentioned that the indications of the thermometer during the experiment have been remarkably prompt, the bulb being subjected to the joint influence of radiation and convection.

In this state of things the British Government is led to think that the good offices of a third power equally the friend of France and of the United States, and prompted by considerations of the highest order most earnestly to wish for the continuance of peace, might be useful in restoring a good understanding between the two parties on a footing consistent with the nicest feelings of national honor in both.

"Go on," prompted Mrs. Cooper, grimly.

The roll call is through, one answers not, Brother Sutton, so prompt heretofore, Has answered another roll call; the spot Which knew him shall know him no more.

"Well, I reckon yuh found it," Billy prompted impatiently.

Hannibal, perceiving that the Romans had been indiscreetly prompted rather than rashly carried to a conclusion, returned to his camp without effecting any thing, as his stratagem was discovered.

The ladies move to us, in return, with a winning graciousness of gesture: all smile on each side in a way that nobody could misunderstand, and that nothing short of a grand national sympathy could so instantaneously prompt.

The poor youth did not know how to get out of the quandary: he doubted whether to include the kamagon with the metals, or the marble with glasses, and leave the jet as a neutral substance, until Juanito Pelaez maliciously prompted him: "The mirror of kamagon among the wooden mirrors.

" The monk and Donna Florinda regarded each other in mute amazement, and haply there was some admixture of feeling in the look that denoted the uselessness of caution when the passions were intent to elude the vigilance of those who were merely prompted by prudence.

As the sun sank behind the hills (or rather some time after, for we never could be nautically prompt), our flags were run down and the anchor-light was hoisted on the forward flagstaff.

"There are things which men have a right to keep secret," he says, "and if a prurient curiosity prompts others officiously to pry into them, there is nothing criminal or dishonest in refusing to minister to such a spirit.

It has been prompted by feelings painfully, deeply, I may add tenderly, interesting to me.

"In time for what?" he prompted patiently.

from day turned into night, night into day, and heaven and earth intointo" "Hell," placidly prompted Flora.

For instance, I believe every one, some time or other, dreams that he is reading Papers, Books, or Letters; in which case the Invention prompts so readily, that the Mind is imposed upon, and mistakes its own Suggestions for the Compositions of another.

Queenly, graceful, and of touching loveliness did she look in her vehemence of sorrowradiant as sunlight in her days of joy she must have beenas she stood up, affection-prompted, regardless of self, of the world, to make one last effort to save her affianced husband.

And second, prompted and aided by the more original genius of his friend Steele, Addison seized upon the new social life of the clubs and made it the subject of endless pleasant essays upon types of men and manners.

"Help him, Rossie," prompted Aunt Missouri, sharply.

Alicran prompted, softly.

I located the sun, and was pleased to discover that the instinct of direction I had been subtly prompted to take, would have helped me as much as the sun.

In a couple of hours he went back through the night to the telegraph office and found that his Colma friend had been unbelievably prompt.

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