32 adverbs to describe how to prospers

And he throve and prospered exceedingly, and became a commissioner for public-houses and hackney-coaches and the imposing of oaths and the levying of custom, and all other such things as one does by deputy.

We were catching a large number of beavers and were prospering finely, when one of our oxen, having become rather poor, slipped and fell upon the ice, dislocating his hip, so that we had to shoot him to end his misery.

They are both prospering financially.

" The Colonies had been marvellously prospered, and if not rich they were powerful, and were spreading toward the indefinite and unexplored West.

But we discomforted our neighbours by prospering mightily, so that there was talk of Uncle Andrew for the Provost's chair at the next vacancy.

They marry young in the country, but seventeen and eighteen are ages, which, even on the farm, are not considered sufficiently advanced for such grave venture, and so, though Jack's wooing prospered famously, there was no wedding in the spring.

In the mean time, may his exemplary life be long continued, and his zealous ministry abundantly prospered!

The effective operation of such motives would have prevented the adoption of the Constitution under which we have so long lived and under the benign influence of which our beloved country has so signally prospered.

The House, however, are willing to believe that some degree of improvement is taking place, and they sincerely join in the HOPE expressed by your Excellency, that the agricultural interests of the Island may ultimately prosper, by a resumption of industrious habits on the part of the peasantry in their new condition.

Two races so diverse in mind and habits cannot prosper together permanently; but the hope is that temporary good may be done.

Trades and industries have prospered vastly, and although the year 1908 saw a setback, yet the upward tendency has beyond doubt set in again.

"I beg the lady's pardon," said Mr. Prosper, piteously, "and yours, Miss Thoroughbung,and yours, Mr. Annesley."

But the machinations of the wicked rarely prosper, and this was another proof of the truth of the observation; for, after a stormy and violent debate among themselves, they at length determined to run for the Bay of Islands, and if any vessel more eligible was there, they were to take possession of her, and leave the Wellington behind, she having no register.

He seemingly prospered, and retired about 1609 to Stratford, where he lived in the house that he had bought some years before, and where he died in 1616.

Persons so near of Kin do seldom prosper in the Marriage-Bed.

Socrates looked beyond the gates of death for happy communion with Homer and all the great; but already we interchange words with these, whenever we are so sweetly prospered as to become, in some good degree, identical with the absolute nature of man.

Instead, I relinquished Niafer to Grandfather Death, and at that price I preserved my own life and procured a recipe through which I have prospered unbelievably, so that I am today a nobleman with fine clothes and lackeys, and with meadow-lands and castles of my own, if only I could obtain them.

But had wanton invasion undeservedly prospered, had Falkland's island been yielded unconditionally, with every right, prior and posterior; though the rabble might have shouted, and the windows have blazed, yet those who know the value of life, and the uncertainty of publick credit, would have murmured, perhaps unheard, at the increase of our debt, and the loss of our people.

And if we have been unusually prospered, we contribute something more.

By and by, as they visibly prospered, they attracted the envy and greed of the Communists.

"All that purifiesor, Everything which purifiesfortifies also the heart." "Whatsoever he doeth, shall prosper."Psal., i, 3.

Sure love's an art best practisèd at first, And where th'experienced still prosper worst!

The middle course I find to prosper most enduringly in the commonwealth, and a state of tyranny I condemn.

In later times Belgium had prospered enormously.

The whole gradually prospered from the first, under every disadvantage and notwithstanding the strenuous efforts of the short-sighted and bigoted.

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