214 adverbs to describe how to pushing

And he began to push vigorously through the bushes, in the direction of the noise.

We then scouted the Powder river, Crazy Woman's Fork, and Clear Fork, and then pushed westward through the mountains to the Wind river.

God is pushing me onward.

" He looked around him, not smiling, but very quiet and patient, as if he were waiting for the slight confusion to subside; for at first they pushed each other rudely to get closer.

Not infrequently the soldiers had to rescue a comrade who had sunk to the waist in the morass, but they continued to push forward steadily, facing machine-gun fire from hidden redoubts and battling their way past with bombs and rifle fire.

Jack pushed in boldly, leaving Barney to guard the rear.

CHAPTER XX BEWITCHED Very softly Virginia pushed open the door one, two, three inches.

In connection with this article of furniture Gull one evening introduced a new pastime, which he called putting fellows in the stocks, and which consisted in decoying innocent small boys into taking a seat, then suddenly pushing them backwards on to the floor, and imprisoning their feet between the form and the reversible deska position from which they only extricated themselves with considerable difficulty.

As a denomination the Presbyterians are pushing onwards vigorously, though quietly, and their prospects are good.

The milk teeth appear during the first and second years, and last until about the sixth or seventh year, from which time until the twelfth or thirteenth year, they are gradually pushed out, one by one, by the permanent teeth.

he cried, pushing me violently towards the door.

We saddled our animals and hurriedly pushed forward through the darkness, traveling several miles before we again went into camp.

In the meantime, Terrier pushed stubbornly north across the long, foam-tipped seas that broke in clouds of spray against her thrusting bows.

It is seldom found lower than 9000 feet above sea-level, but from this elevation it pushes upward over the roughest ledges to the extreme limit of tree-growth, where, in its dwarfed, storm-crushed condition, it is more like the white-barked species.

The life-giving sun pours his floods, the last snow-wreath melts, myriads of growing points push eagerly through the steaming mold, the birds come back, new wings fill the air, and fervid summer life comes surging on, seemingly yet more glorious than before.

Lord Byron, with his characteristic impetuosity, instantly pushed forwards, and the rest followed, and overtook the hussar.

When the measurement was finished, they led him to a cave cut in the rock, which had been used formerly as a cellar, opened the door, and pushed him in so roughly that had it not been for the support of angels, his legs must have been broken by so hard a fall on the rough stone floor.

We intended to push this depot as far south as possible.

But we, being unable to get our car across, turned northward along the river bank and drove furiously and, after a mile or two, outran the foremost Infantry patrols (I think, of the Royal Warwicks), who were pushing cautiously forward, searching the woods and farmhouses for lurking rearguards.

In Fletcher's "Noble Gentleman," a comedy, first performed in 1625, we find a lady, sorely pushed for ready cash, crying out, "Take up at any use: give bond, or land, Or mighty statutes, able by their strength To tie up my Samson, were he now alive.

of their number in casualties, but their action was worth the price, for they completely broke up the enemy resistance and enabled the London Division to push straight through to Huj.

MEUSE-ARGONNELAST PHASE On the 23d the 3d and 5th Corps pushed northward to the level of Bantheville.

As these are pushed upwards by new ones formed beneath, they are compressed, and the shape of the follicle determines their cylindrical growth, the shaft of the hair.

"Mr. Darrin, I have to apologize for my nonsense, which was the means of pushing you overboard.

She merely pushed the thing away, bending her head lower above her bookpushed it away with a blind little hand, and with undiminished bravado her despoiler returned, scathless of heaven's vengeance, to his seat.

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