55 adverbs to describe how to puzzles

At last, wearied and sorely puzzled, I turned from it, to view the rest of the strange place on to which I had intruded.

I was utterly puzzled and astonished.

For I had been often sadly puzzled as to what I should do when once I was out of college.

I asked, still hopelessly puzzled.

Considering these facts, Mr. Merrick shrewdly suspected that the dynamite explosion had been the work of the mill hands, yet why it was harmlessly exploded in a field was a factor that puzzled him exceedingly.

" Plainly her words puzzled him.

Cartwright was frankly puzzling.

Really, we unlearned people in the art of war were vastly puzzled as we thought tins whole matter over, and we sometimes doubted whether our superiors were not almost equally bothered with ourselves.

The only part of Montgomery's training which came within the doctor's observation was his diet, and that puzzled him considerably.

The girl puzzled me strangely.

Without this Talent he is perpetually puzzled and perplexed amidst his own Blunders, mistakes the Sense of those he would confute, or if he chances to think right, does not know how to convey his Thoughts to another with Clearness and Perspicuity.

She pointed a slender, quivering finger to a box which stood, lid thrown open, on a table in the sitting-room, by which the detectives were standing, open-mouthed, and obviously puzzled.

Some looked stolid, others depressed, others merely puzzled.

These answers puzzled the old dame mightily.

Reaching the shoulder of the mountain, Kern puzzled anew.

Here was a sinister villain distracted between avarice and revenge, and sore puzzled which way to turn.

The Professor was awake and deeply puzzled.

This, too, he replaces, and, infinitely puzzled, makes yet another hopeless trial of the Edmundsbury chalice, and, again baffled, again replaces it, concluding now that the baronet has suspected his designs, and substituted a false stone for the real one.

Mr. Tutt appeared politely puzzled.

'Gimme a quarter to get a bucket' "I gave him the coin, for I was now profoundly puzzled, and he went out.

After doing this a good many times he could be told that this is a universal method, and he would doubtless enjoy the purely puzzle pleasure in working long sums to perfect practice.

I am compelled, then, to fall back upon those same unreliable, irresponsible rhymesters, and to insist with them that a maid waiting in the springtide for the man she loves is necessarily happy and very rarely puzzles her head over the scientific reason for it.

For a long time he had been secretly puzzled, and had evolved certain ideas of his own because of the movements of the Woongas.

Again, if they mean, that the conjunction sometimes connects word with word, and sometimes, sentence with sentence; this sense they have not expressed, but have severally puzzled their readers by an ungrammatical use of the word "and."

He looked at her with sincerely puzzled eyes.

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