4 adverbs to describe how to ravened

His son, by a certain kind of instinct, he binds prentice to a tailor, who, all the term of his indenture, hath a dear year in his belly, and ravens bread exceedingly.

There are too many of them in the world now, as there were in our Lord's time; men who go about with the name of God on their lips, and the Bible in their hands, in sheep's clothing outwardly; but inwardly ravening wolves.

The door is ope'd, and bright, in candle gleam, On velvet dark, with limbs all loosed in love, Her snow-white arm enwrapped in ropes of pearls, Your darling leans with gently drooping head, The golden locksno, no, I say they're black Her raven locksand so on to the end!

She has qualms too every morning: ravens mightily for green fruit; and swoons at the sight of hot meat.

4 adverbs to describe how to  ravened  - Adverbs for  ravened