54 adverbs to describe how to rearing

And he, bare and empty-handed, who now possessed nothing, not even a stone at the edge of a field, would doubtless always possess nothing, neither factory buzzing with workmen, nor mansion rearing its proud front aloft.

"Thy horse hath been too tenderly reared," he said.

My only fear was that we should be compelled to spend another night without shelter, and what its effect might be upon the delicately-reared girl whose hand I held tenderly in mine.

At the places where he walked and sat they also subsequently reared topes, each having its particular name; and here was the place where Sundari murdered a person and then falsely charged Buddha with the crime.

By the Summer stately, Truant, thou wast fondly reared and bred: Dost thou linger here so lately, Knowing not thy beauteous friend is dead, Like to hearts that, clinging Fervent where their first delight was fed, Move us with untimely singing Of the hopes whose blossom-time is sped?

Some lines which had struck me, years before, in reading Mrs. Browning's "Rhyme of the Duchess May," flashed into my mind: "And the horse, in stark despair, with his front hoofs poised in air, On the last verge, rears amain; And he hangs, he rocks betweenand his nostrils curdle in

Still, I seemed to hope a day would come when my mute aching head, reared upward to the sky, would flash a zigzag lightning across the heavens.

The wisely reared and well-balanced woman will keep herself in womanly reserve for her legal husband.

The well-trained animal understood the signal, and, rearing high in the air, was fast nearing the bank, when the young man, suspecting her design, shrieked out: "Stop, lady, stop!

The feeding of puppies is an important matter, and should be carefully seen to by anyone wishing to rear them successfully.

Ducks reared exclusively on vegetable diet will have a whiter and more delicate flesh than those allowed to feed on animal offal; while the flesh of birds fattened on the latter food, will be firmer than that of those which have only partaken of food of a vegetable nature.

II The big bays swung to the brow of the hill with ease, and dashed into a small circular clearing, where a quaint little two-story building, with a mossy watering-trough out in front, nestled under the shade of majestic old trees that reared their brown and scarlet crowns proudly into the sky.

'Tis from the bosom of this disorder and these revolutions, that despotism gradually rearing up her hideous crest, and devouring in every part of the state all that still remained sound and untainted, would at last issue to trample upon the laws and the people, and establish herself upon the ruins of the republic.

With all the economy of a city built on an island, Alcira rears its edifices higher and higher as its population grows, leaving just enough space free for the bare needs of traffic.

If Nature, for a favourite child, In thee hath tempered so her clay, That every hour thy heart runs wild, Yet never once doth go astray, Read o'er these lines; and then review 5 This tablet, that thus humbly rears In such diversity of hue Its history of two hundred years.

A child left to himself or improperly reared will acquire all sorts of undesirable habits which may have the effect of hampering his every movement and which may cause eventually his disgrace and failure in life.

Headlands and mountains with cloud-capped pinnacles appeared and faded away; ships under sail floated across the sky; towers and palaces reared their forms indistinctly amid the vapour, and then vanished, like the baseless fabric of a dream.

Along the southern outskirts of the town all the fields were enclosed by giant cactus hedges, sometimes with stems as thick as a man's body and not infrequently rearing their strong limbs and prickly leaves twenty feet above the ground.

Lastly was reared the royal standard by the king of arms, with the shout of "Castile!

Gladly from thee, I'm lur'd to bear With things that seem'd most vile before, For thou didst on poor subjects rear Matter the wisest sage might hear.

There, too, were herds of long-haired goats, rearing mid the bushes and showing their beards over them, or following the shepherd to their fold, as the shadows began to lengthen,or rude and screaming wains, tugged by uncouth buffaloes, with low heads and knotted knees, bred among the malaria-stricken marshes.

Black trunks of fir reared nakedly to the smoky sky, lay crisscross on bank and beach.

The horse trotted up to him when the rope fell on his neck, reared up nicely and playfully, and threw out his forefeet, stripping the three upper buttons off Bill's vest pattern.

Doña Elvira, piously reared by an old aunt in the heart of Andalusia in a castle several leagues from San Lucas, was all devotion and meekness.

The blue house-pigeon is the variety principally reared for the table in this country, and is produced from our farmyards in great numbers.

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