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10 adverbs to describe how to « recapturing »

10 adverbs to describe how to « recapturing »

  • Three white men were in charge, but one of the negroes escaped at Pittsburg and was apparently not recaptured.
  • The Left, which, as we have seen, had on its side boldly recaptured the Legislative power, and had added to it that which circumstances requiredas was the duty of Revolutionists; the Left, without a "bureau," without an usher, and without secretaries, held sittings in which the accurate and passionless record of shorthand was wanting, but which live in our memories and which History will gather up.
  • I should inevitably be recaptured, brought back to the Beehive, and deprived of my liberty for good.
  • If a concept worked, if it made money and won awards, it’s highly likely to soon be eyeballed by big studios seeking to not merely recapture lightning in a bottle, but to turn a comparatively small success story into a bona fide blockbuster.
  • It was quickly recaptured by the Union.
  • The connections which Hannibal maintained in the towns of Magna Graecia had led to no serious result; save that the hostages from Tarentum and Thurii, who were kept at Rome, were induced by his emissaries to make a foolhardy attempt at escape, in which they were speedily recaptured by the Roman posts.
  • It exhibits, at a single glance, the various marks put upon itself and its companions, as they were successively recaptured, from year to year, on their return to the riverviz.
  • But other than that 2018 campaign, Gore has not averaged more than 3.9 yards per carry since 2014, so expecting him to suddenly recapture anything close to the form of his youth is a stretch.
  • One village already has been captured and recaptured twice by each side and at the time of writing remains in the hands of the Germans.
  • " Before I could wholly recapture the quaint melody, my efforts would invariably be nullified by the raucous shriek of his trade which had forever fixed the nickname whereby Our Square knew Plooie: "Parapluie-ee-ee-ee-ees à raccommoder!"

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