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Even in discussions of the right of suffrage no reference has ever been made, in dealing with women's claim, to the relation, universally recognized in the case of men, of political enfranchisement to economic status.

She was not without a healthy young woman's relish for this sort of admiration; but Shade Buckheath's proposal came with so little grace, in such almost sinister form, that she scarcely recognized it.

I began to think that my time had come, as the saying is, when into the cabin stepped an elderly Indian, whom I readily recognized as old Rain-in-the-Face, a Sioux chief from the vicinity of Fort Laramie.

In one of the model books we are pleased to find this great truth distinctly recognized: "'Is there anything like a lever about a wheelbarrow?' said his father.

The habit of lying is more or less common among primitive peoples, as it is among those of higher cultivation; but it is of interest to note that widely, even among them, the standard of truthfulness as a duty is recognized as the correct standard, and lying is, in theory at least, a sin.

It is not what people say or doit is how they say it: that is how the true reactions of personality are recognized instinctively even by animals.

Everyone laughed at the idea of women signalling, but to-day the members are recognized officially, one holding an important appointment in the college of wireless telegraphy.

These are obvious and necessary considerations; and the Pope expressly recognizes them in the ordinance accompanying the grant of the constitution.

Philip, on his part, demanded, at the death of the young king, the restoration of Margaret's dowry, the Vexin and Gisors; when Geoffrey died he claimed to be formally recognized as suzerain of Britanny, and guardian of his infant; he demanded that Richard should do homage directly to him as sovereign lord of Aquitaine, and determined to assert his rights over the lands so long debated of Berri and Auvergne.

When in 1152 Stephen sought to have his son Eustace anointed king, Thomas was sent to Rome, and by his skilful plea that the papal claims had not been duly recognized in Stephen's scheme he induced the Pope to forbid the coronation.

He accordingly wrote a very studied letter to Madame, telling her that, with her knowledge of the world, he supposed she must be well aware that the daughter of a quadroon slave could not be legally recognized as the wife of a Southern gentleman; that he still loved Rosa better than any other woman, but wishing for legal heirs to his hereditary estate, it was necessary for him to marry.

They confer upon the child a number of the properties commonly recognized as inherited.

Propped up by pillows, she dimly recognized that some compliment was being paid her.

Her parents, from her tenderest youth, had tacitly recognized her inalienable right to "go round," and Ralphthough from motives which she divined to be differenthad shown the same respect for her freedom.

Thus the conception which was at first only vaguely recognized is restored to the objective mind in a definite and workable form, and then the objective mind, acting through the frontal brainthe area of comparison and analysisproceeds to work upon a clearly perceived idea and to bring out the potentialities that are latent in it.

Thou mayst understand how the wishes of our hearts encompassed thee; I have felt my soul for ever united to thine in the Lord; and it seems to me that if my eyes should never again meet thine in this land of exile, I should speedily recognize thee in the happy mansions where the goodness of the Redeemer has prepared us a place.

Worship of Cybele Chaldaean astrologers and casters of nativities were already in the sixth century spread throughout Italy; but a still more important eventone making in fact an epoch in the world's historywas the reception of the Phrygian Mother of the Gods among the publicly recognized divinities of the Roman state, to which the government had been obliged to give its consent during the last weary years of the Hannibalic war (550).

They already admit in private many things which they will presently be obliged to recognize openly.

The great fact has been practically recognized, that the movements of life in disease obey laws which, under the circumstances, are on the whole salutary, and only require a limited and occasional interference by any special disturbing agents.

They were too ignorant to reason, too low down the animal scale to comprehend things which some of the dumb animals undoubtedly recognize.

The Saxon name was thus nearly extinguished in those countries; and the remnant of these various peoples adopted that of Frisons (Friesen), either because they became really incorporated with that nation, or merely that they recognized it for the most powerful of their tribes.

The Bishop of Chichester, Hilary, doubtless remembered the inconvenient part which Thomas as chancellor had played in his own trial a few years before, and might gladly recognize a poetic justice in seeing Thomas's old doctrines of the supremacy of the State now applied to himself.

He plainly recognized her at once, and nodded a cheerful greeting.

Where, then, may we reverently recognize the presence, and bow before the manifested power, of this spirit?

We gratefully recognize this; and yet, how many educated Englishmen have studied that little known chapter of our history, which gave to the progress of mankind a contribution to political science which your Gladstone praised as the greatest "ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man"?

132 adverbs to describe how to  recognize  - Adverbs for  recognize
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