33 adverbs to describe how to reconciling

But time partially reconciles us to anything.

The old gentlewoman (fury made her not handsome) could scarcely be reconciled by all my fine words.

The Marquis de Condorcet, a man of some eminence in philosophy, as the word had been understood since the reign of the Encyclopedists, and closely connected with the Girondins, though not formally enrolled in their party, gave a supper, at which the Duc d'Orléans formally reconciled himself to La Fayette; and both, in company with Brissot and the Abbé Siéyes, who of late had scarcely been heard of, drew up an indictment against the queen.

Disputes, when by any chance they arise, are referred to the arbitration of our chiefs, who never consider their work done till the disputants are cordially reconciled.

For several days after his fear that Peter Siner would marry Cissie Dildine old Captain Renfrew was as felicitous as a lover newly reconciled to his mistress.

Already in his relaxing presence I have become heartily reconciled to doing nothing.

Hence it is, that the Profusion of Favours we so often see poured upon the Parasite, are represented to us, by our Self-Love, as Justice done to Man, who so agreeably reconciles us to our selves.

Johnson seems to have been permanently reconciled to his foe.

However, better wine, drink it how you may, there is none than the wine of these parts, and this reconciling us considerably to our condition, we listened with content to their singing of ditties, which they did very well for such rude fellows, to the music of a guitar and a tambourine.

This discourse, however, insensibly took a serious turn, and the grocer became fully convinced that his daughter was not merely reconciled to the early death that to all appearance awaited her, but wishful for it.

Naturally the Turkish people accepted the good things the Government offered them, and naturally this reconciled them momentarily to the War.

The Walloon provinces, deep-rooted in their attachment to religious bigotry, which they loved still better than political freedom, gradually withdrew from the common cause; and without yet openly becoming reconciled with Spain, they adopted a neutrality which was tantamount to it.

So he sought an interview with Anselm at the castle of l'Aigle, and became outwardly reconciled, and restored to him his revenues.

Next morning he visited Czernichew, and they are personally reconciled.

He was plainly reconciled to his present position, and felt that under these circumstances silence on his part was alike kindest and most discreet.

Secondly, he must have thorough knowledge of human nature: he must not only profoundly discuss motives in their relations to the laws of the human mind, and practically reconcile motives with conduct as they relate to the parties and witnesses in his cases, but he must prepare, present, develop, guide, and finally argue his case, within the rules of law, with strict reference to its effect upon the differing minds of twelve men.

Then the Emperor of Russia was secretly reconciled in 1930; and ten or twelve years later his people followed him.

After the review the cardinal was absent some days, having been to wait on the queen-mother at Lyons, where, as it was discoursed, they were at least seemingly reconciled.

It was agreed that all the great leaders on both sides should meet in London and be solemnly reconciled.

[-56-] These reasons led Caesar at that time to insinuate himself into their good graces, and subsequently he reconciled them with each other.

But all Athenians knew from the Odyssey that the pair were swiftly reconciled, and lived happily together as King and Queen of Sparta.

This tolerably reconciled the elders.

We have never heard a more practical preacher: he will tell young women what sort of husbands to get, young men what kind of wives to choose, married folk how to conduct themselves, and old maids and bachelors how to reconcile themselves virtuously to their fate.

Gray had been Walpole's traveling companion in France and Italy, and the two had quarreled and separated, but were afterward reconciled.

" Upton was the first to join them, and since he had but wavered for a moment, he was soon warmly reconciled with Eric.

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