83 adverbs to describe how to records

I shall now proceed to record faithfully what I deem most memorable; not as many travellers have done, from their recollection, after their return home, but from notes, which I regularly made, either at the moment of observation, or very shortly afterwards.

I cannot analyze this conception, but merely record its presence; the thought took firm possession of me.

Remarkable events in the world's history followed with amazing rapidity, and are duly recorded in all their interesting details in these pages.

The best known of these are the Journal of the Plague Year, in which the horrors of a frightful plague are minutely recorded; the Memoirs of a Cavalier, so realistic that Chatham quoted it as history in Parliament; and several picaresque novels, like Captain Singleton, Colonel Jack, Moll Flanders, and Roxana.

This diminished capacity for respiration is clearly shown by the use of the spirometer, a simple instrument which accurately records the cubic measure of the lungs, and proves beyond denial the decrease of the lung space.

In conclusion one may briefly record what the Bhandaris thought of the presence of a European at their sacred rite.

We will glance over them, and in doing so will view them, not merely as signatures, but also as permanently-recorded tracings of Dickens's nerve muscular actionof his gesture.

Her statements, if formally recorded, were not believed; or if believed, were believed with only half the mind.

A few still remained among those who entered the wilderness in young manhood, but the events of the first period we have designated, and which we have imperfectly recorded in another work, were already passing into tradition.

Mind had met mind and recognized its peer previously to that personal interview which made them one in soul; but it was not until after an acquaintance of two years that Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning were united in marriage for time and for eternity, a marriage the like of which can seldom be recorded.

From this time it is reasonable to suppose that navigation made continual, though slow, improvements, which the confusion and barbarity of the times, and the want of communication between orders of men so distant as sailors and monks, hindered from being distinctly and successively recorded.

Having engaged in this solemn mummery, you mentally record the fact that you have been squandering your time, and enter into a compact with yourself that no more will you so do.

He recorded honestly in his diary what marvellous freshness of spirit the Lord had given him, and how he seemed to be uplifted in his communings with heaven, without once thinking from the robes of what angel this sweetness had exhaled.

He has often squandered his powers in acting on his theory that it is one of the provinces of verse to record any momentary mood, irrespective of its value.

Israel's struggle for independence is graphically recorded in the ancient poem found in Judges 5.

thou occasionedst the destruction of Troy.]:yet, among the various mischiefs ascribed to the influence of this capricious Sovereign, amidst the wrecks of sieges, and the slaughter of battles, perhaps we may not unjustly record in his praise, that he was instrumental to the solace of humanity, by contributing to the overthrow of Robespierre.

All mental disturbance has, of course, a physical side to it, and that is how we are able to record it physically.

I foresee the appearance, during the next few years, of many regimental handbooks that will record the history at this present visibly and gloriously in the making.

It is to be reluctantly recorded, in fact, that the Protestant saints have not ordinarily had much to boast of, in physical stamina, as compared with the Roman Catholic.

It was Thomas Campbell who wrote "Now Barabbas was a publisher," whether in a Bible or otherwise is not authentically recorded, and forwarded it to a friend; but Mr. Murray was not the publisher to whom it referred, nor was Lord Byron, as has been so frequently stated, the author of the joke.

The number of crimes for which death and bodily torture have been the punishment can scarcely be recorded, and if they could it would be of no value.

It is solemnly recorded that the American hen produces a billion and a quarter dozen eggs per annum, of a value greater than that of either the wheat or cotton crops, and yet there are many of us who cannot get our hens to lay more than a hundred eggs a year!]

One might ascribe the tone of this description to the tartness of Mrs. Royall's pen were it not that she recorded just afterward that a body-servant of General Ripley who was placed at her command in St. Francisville was "certainly the most accomplished servant I ever saw.

All mortgages are publicly recorded, and so the property is vested in the mortgagor till he is paid off, and when that is done it also is publicly recorded.

Yet many of the deeds recorded very deservedly in these annals of glory, have been performed by men who abhor republican principles, and lament the disasters their partizans have occasioned.

83 adverbs to describe how to  records  - Adverbs for  records
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