6 adverbs to describe how to refill

Then, deliberately, he refilled his brier pipe, and, rising, said to his dog, "Come, Czarit's time to go.

" Jervis grinned and was silent for a while, refilling his pipe thoughtfully; but when he had got it alight he resumed.

Meanwhile fiery brandy or sweet champagne would probably be passed around between the steaming glasses of mint-tea which the slaves perpetually refilled; or perhaps the sultry air, the heavy meal, the scent of the garden and the vertiginous repetition of the music would suffice to plunge these sedentary worthies into the delicious coma in which every festive evening in Morocco ends.

When any weakness of the human heart can find a seeming virtue to go hand in hand with it, the battle is as good as lost; and at that moment Brookes Ormsby, placidly refilling his short pipe in the smoking-room of the Pullman, was by no means in the hopeless case he was sometimes tempted to fancy himself.

Villon surreptitiously refilled his cup, and settled himself more comfortably in the chair, crossing his knees and leaning his head upon one hand and the elbow against the back of the chair.

He threw his head back as if vastly amused, then lurched forward and held out his glass a little unsteadily to be refilled.

6 adverbs to describe how to  refill  - Adverbs for  refill