127 adverbs to describe how to remind

This is the Sidi Jamatkhana or caste-hall: and long before you reach the door threading your way through a crowd of squatting hawkers, your ears are assailed by the most deafening noise, reminding you forcibly of the coppersmith's bazaar with an accompaniment of rythmic drumming.

" "Must I continually remind you," said Abdullah, "that to-morrow may never dawn?

"The loftiest peaks most wrapt in clouds and snow" perpetually remind him of one of his constantly recurring refrains, He who surpasses or subdues mankind, Must look down on the hate of those below.

Though the weather was warm, it was less hot than usual at this time of year, and the surroundings of our Mess reminded me vividly of Kerry.

It reminded me, vaguely, of the hideous Thing that had haunted the great arena.

In reading their account of these institutions, we are painfully reminded how much the rising tide of religious liberty has been checked and driven back by the bands of priestcraft and arbitrary power.

Tyrrell's private performance with the Adorned C. is one that irresistibly reminds the spectator of Lieutenant Cole's with his figures, and would scarcely be improved by ventriloquism itself.

There is a cinnamon bear in one of the outside cages, whose claws remind one sharply that cinnamon and cloves go together, and that clove is a tense of the verb "to cleave."

I merely remind you of this, in case you had forgotten.

With your knowledge of the law I need scarcely remind you that the facts as you have just recounted them place you in a rather unenviable position.

There was a look in the glazed and sunken eyes of the old man, that reminded him unpleasantly of that snapping of the eyes which he had so often seen in Daggett.

The hourly sight of her reminded him hourly of his ideal of what a wife might be, and he was forever hoping that she might come a little nearer to itenter a little more into his world of thought and feeling.

St. Dunstan was quite an artist, and painted portraits which even now remind one strangely of human beings.

Europe repeatedly reminded the United States that by her Monroe Doctrine she had assumed the duty of keeping order in America.

" Let me first briefly remind you, as the truth upon which my whole explanation of this text is built, that man is not meant either for solitude or independence.

The column is I know not how many feet high, but lofty enough, at any rate, to elevate Marlborough far above the rest of the world, and to be visible a long way off: and it is so placed in reference to other objects, that, wherever the hero wandered about his grounds, and especially as he issued from his mansion, he must inevitably have been reminded of his glory.

" "You are walkingnot standing," she reminded him, solemnly.

The common tomb-stone is a white wooden cross; opposite the entrance is a perfect forest of them, involuntarily reminding one of a company of ghosts, with outstretched arms.

Such unusual temerity susprised and alarmed the remains of the Committee, and Billaud Varennes sternly reminded the Convention of the abject state they were so lately released from.

We were continually surrounded by the most magnificent woodlands, and were only rarely reminded by a small plantation of kabi, {39} or mil, that we were in the neighbourhood of men.

" These outrages were not limited to the colored population; but other instances occurred which strikingly remind one of more recent times.

So Cynthia stood a-tiptoe, and replaced the mirror upon the shelves, setting it upright behind those wonderful green cups which had anew reminded her of Pevensey's wealth and generosity.

We are reminded, in reading, of the native Gauls, who would stop every traveler and compel him to tell a story ere

And when the Count of La Marche energetically denied that he had ever signed or sent such writing, Henry III. reminded him bitterly of the messages he had sent to England, and of his urgent exhortations to war.

" "She's keeping company with young Teddy Silk," his wife reminded him, coldly; "and if she wasn't she could do better than a young man without a penny in 'is pocket.

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