375 adverbs to describe how to repeated

My mother being very anxious to have me attend this school, I acceded to her oft-repeated wishes, and returning home, I became a pupil of the institution.

His counting is of the simplest, and the main thing is to see that he does not merely repeat a series while he handles material, but that the series corresponds with the objects.

"Repeat aloud what you have chosen to say to Eveena in my presence.

"Lo, I am wid you all de days'" Pompey repeated softly.

On their expostulating with the landlord at being treated in this manner, instead of making a direct reply, he strutted up and down the room, repeating continually, "Ja, ja, ja, ja!

" "Jesus Christ," repeated the boy thoughtfully.

"Once of Boston," he repeated mechanically.

" "Sydney Bamborough," repeated Vassili musingly, with a perfect expression of innocence on his well-cut face.

with the first syllable keenly accented, and the second drawn out like the scream of a hawk,repeating this slowly and more emphatically at first, then gradually faster, until a rate of about 150 words a minute is reached; usually sitting all the time on his haunches, with paws resting on his breast, which pulses visibly with each word.

She became perfectly furious, she tore her hair, gnashed her teeth, and repeated incessantly the name of the youth, who had been drawn from her presence by the violence of her despairing passion.

" "Hepson," called one midshipman, "has anyone invented the Navy yells for this year?" "Yells?" repeated the football captain scornfully.

"What's your game?" repeated Mac sternly, as the Boy reached the door.

"No," I repeated, firmly, "I'll not help you out, unless you give me the hand of my cousin Rose!" From the depths of the strangely elongated visor came, not an angry exclamation, but a veritable roar.

"It's an awful gamble," he repeated solemnly.

"Mock you!" repeated he earnestly.

I was one day sitting on a step placed across the church-yard stile, when a gentleman passing by, heard me distinctly repeat the letters which formed my mother's name, and then say, Elizabeth Villiers, with a firm tone, as if I had performed some great matter.

" "I don't understand a word you say," Lydia Sessions repeated dully.

"Stay where you are," he repeated more loudly, as I started for the door.

"But, mammy," I repeated impatiently, "what has happened?

"Who has been doing it?" repeated Mrs. Wood, bitterly; "they are doing it all the time.

This they laughed at, and endeavoured to make him sensible, that the taking away an enemy's treasure was to take away their strength; but all they could say was ineffectual; he was not to be perswaded out of what he thought reason and justice: and this conversation being afterward repeated to the duke, he smil'd and said, he was yet too young to know the value of money.

" Let the reader notice, 1st, that this outrage was perpetrated with great deliberation, and after it was over, the victim was commanded to leave town by the next week: when that cooling interval had passed, the outrage was again deliberately repeated.

"A dance?" he repeated incredulously, "when" "To-nightin the front room," she hastened to explain, "not a big dancejust a little one for you and the boys.

"By poison?" she repeated blankly, and carried her handkerchief to her lips.

"'Kick you for?'" Racey repeated, stupidly.

375 adverbs to describe how to  repeated  - Adverbs for  repeated
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