30 adverbs to describe how to reprove

"Did you fix a place for Betty, Grandma?" "What a silly question, Emma," reproved old Grandma Watterby severely.

"If you can tell me that you have not done wrong, I shall be sorry to have reproved you so sharply.

" "John," Mistress Sprague reproves mildly; "how can you?

Huh?" The person at the piano, openly reproved thus before her friend, lifted her uninspired hands from the keys and spake.

Those who collect contributions to sedition, sometimes apply to a man of higher rank and more enlightened mind, who, instead of lending them his name, calmly reproves them for being seducers of the people.

For whether they be placèd high above Or low beneath, yet ought they well to know Their good: that none them rightly may reprove Of rudeness for not yielding what they owe: Great skill it is such duties timely to bestow.

"Sis' JohnnieSis' Johnnie!" crowed Deanie; and then she was aware of sober, eleven-year-old Milo climbing down over the wheel and trying to help Lissy, while Pony got in his way and was gravely reproved.

Oh, there was joy in that village that night again and again the children told their interesting story, and those who listened forgot to chide their disobedience, or to harshly reprove.

Casey affected not to notice, and busied himself with the fire while the woman reproved Junior half-heartedly in an undertone, and laughed stagily and remarked upon the number of hours since they had breakfasted.

Few impartially reprove and warn them of their sin and danger; but, upon the other hand, many professed Presbyterians, by their untender and unchristian walk and conversation, or by their lukewarmness and indifferency in Christ's matters, now called moderation, and by their walking contrary to covenant engagements, do exceedingly harden them in their evil way, and scandalize them at their duty.

And blind philosophers came and talked to him of the wicked levity of his mind, and reproved him so impressively for his doubts about the lid of rock that covered their cosmic casserole that he almost doubted whether indeed he was not the victim of hallucination in not seeing it overhead.

Christina of Sweden ironically reproved Madame Dacier for her translation of Callimachus: "Such a pretty girl as you are, are you not ashamed to be so learned?"

Her voice to laughter moving, So merrily reproving, We wandered through the autumn woods, And neither thought of loving.

Osborne offensively reproved him for negligence, and Johnson knocked him down with a folio.

In 1591 he was officially reproved for these habits, and for singing improper words to sacred music (y cantan muchos rezes letras profanas, yndecentes).

On one occasion, when she heard some of her ladies laughing over a spiteful story, she reproved them plainly for their mirth as "bad taste."

To these things the surgeon himself listened with a deprecating air, smoothing his wristbands, and caressing his slim white hands, while he playfully reproved his parent for her maternal weakness.

2. God's ministers in religious affairs, to whom the care of men's instruction and edification is committed, are enabled to inveigh against sin and vice, whoever consequentially may be touched thereby: yea, sometimes it is their duty with severity and sharpness to reprove particular persons, not only privately, but publicly, for their correction, and for the edification of others.

Once I saw this same little boy behave so boisterously and rudely at the dinner-table, in the presence of guests, that I said to myself, "Surely, this time she will have to break her rule, and reprove him publicly."

That dear morning is remembered, and the poor master who reproved me a little sententiously, is dead.

"Don' speak lak dat uv dem as is in trouble, Sally," reproved old Parson Ranson, solemnly; "anybody can say 'Ef.'" "Sho am de troof," agreed Jerry Dillihay.

In her own hand she answered, sternly reproving the youth for the sin of extravagance and urging upon him the practise of economy.

The slightest internal interest was discussed publicly and regulated previously by the nation, before the government had to execute it; but, as to the most important interestthe national position of the country and its relations to the world, Secret Diplomacy, a fatality of mankind, stepped in, and the nations had to accept the consequences of what was already done, though they subsequently reproved it.

She uses the third person singular, as one might in affectionately reproving a child.]

Sweetly, but with tone severe, Thus my error you reprove That of asking in this grove What your name is: you 're so fair, That, whatever name you bear, I must tell you of my love.

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