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Even objects resembling the specific excitant of an instinct only remotely, or in some one quality, may start its mechanism and a host of associations bound up with it.

Bull Neck allowed his head to sink still farther into the vast bulk of his immense torso, strangely resembling, in this position, the fabled anthropophagi whose heads are reputed thus to "grow beneath their shoulders.

He may have wasted his energies in condescending to mean details, and insisting on doing everything with his own hands, from drummer to general, and cabin-boy to admiral, winning battles with his own sword, and singing in the choir as head of the Church; but in so doing he made the mistake of Charlemagne, whom he strikingly resembles in his iron will, his herculean energies, and his enlightened mind.

The Great Stone Face, then, was a work of Nature in her mood of majestic playfulness, formed on the perpendicular side of a mountain by some immense rocks, which had been thrown together in such a position as, when viewed at a proper distance, precisely to resemble the features of the human countenance.

I may wear the costume of your people; but their thought, their conduct, their inner and outer life, as your father reports them, and as thus far I have seen them, are to me so unnatural, that the more I resemble them externally the more my unlikeness in all else is likely to attract notice.

But about midway between Cape Grenville and Cape York, on the mainland south-west of Cairncross Island, a flat summit called Pudding-Pan Hill is conspicuous; and its shape, which differs from that of the hills on the east coast in general, remarkably resembles that of the mountains of the north and west coasts, to which names expressing their form have been applied.

To produce this comedy required genuine inventive imagination; for there is nothing faintly resembling this incident in the sacred narrative.

B. Then a simile should not very accurately resemble the subject?

He has a photograph of the real criminal, taken abroad, which curiously resembles your young master.

From this point onwards Ottoman history singularly resembles the history of the Osmanlis' present allies.

Mohammed's unlearned imagination worked all such material together into a religious history of mankind, in which Adam's descendants had become divided into innumerable groups of peoples differing in speech and place of abode, whose aim in life at one period or another came to resemble wonderfully that of the inhabitants of West- and Central-Arabia in the seventh century A.D.

'Your behaviour vastly resembles that of butchers,' he said, 'and you commence your immolations pretty early in the morning.'

The living club-mosses are, for the most part, insignificant and creeping herbs, which, superficially, very closely resemble true mosses, and none of them reach more than two or three feet in height.

They were not allied to the aurora; they differed radically from the ordinary volcanic emanations; and scarcely resembled any electrical displays I had ever seen.

And this belief in a "final judgment, unlike any other that has ever been in the world," Mr. Maurice would have us regard as a misinterpretation of Bible and Creeda "dream" which St. Paul would never "allow us" to entertain, but would "compel" us instead "to look upon everyone of what we rightly call 'God's judgments' as essentially resembling it in kind and principle."

[630] Horace Walpole, writing of 1758, says:'Prize-fighting, in which we had horribly resembled the most barbarous and most polite nations, was suppressed by the legislature.'

He had a garment partly made of asbestos, though outwardly it did not resemble that fire-resisting material any more than do the asbestos curtains in theaters.

You are in error, gentlemen, you are imposing upon your vanity, it is in vain you try to put us on a false scent, that, of itself, is offensive, and you talk of sentiment as ennobling a thing that resembles it very little.

The cottages are comfortable, resembling the white houses of New England considerably.

Of the inhabitants of Albaniathe Arnaouts or AlbaneseLord Byron says they reminded him strongly of the Highlanders of Scotland, whom they undoubtedly resemble in dress, figure, and manner of living.

We remember that, briefly, the coronary margin of the wall resembles a closed elastic ring, which yields and expands to local pressure, no matter how slight.

When the bergs first break away from their native moorings, their forms are ordinarily somewhat regular; the summits commonly resembling table-land.

Stromboli had sent to Italy for a Neapolitan clay figure of a shepherd, cleverly modelled and painted, and vaguely resembling himselfhe had been a Calabrian goatherd.

It seemed to her that Mr. Skellorn and the cottages mysteriously resembled each other in their primness, their smugness, their detestable self-complacency.

He was as plain in his dress as he was frugal in his habits,a man of great decorum and propriety of manners, resembling noticeably in his life and doctrines the Chinese sage Confucius.

64 adverbs to describe how to  resembles  - Adverbs for  resembles
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