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143 adverbs to describe how to « restoring »

143 adverbs to describe how to « restoring »

  • The banqueting-hall, which was the very heart of Barracombe House, had been carefully and skilfully restored to its ancient dignity.
  • A continual succession of objects; gardens, architecture, pictures and statues soothed her spirits, and gradually restored her to that gaiety and easiness of temper, which had long rendered her the most lovely and engaging of her sex.
  • All the laws of Zohák I will quickly restore, And the world shall be fragrant and blest as before."
  • It was a fearful scene: but the real peril of his situation instantly restored the commander to his wonted resolution and firmness.
  • This caused a stay in the proceedings until order was partially restored, and the judge's voice could be heard in a warning that the court-room would be cleared of all spectators if this break of decorum was repeated.
  • This, however, he objected to; and after a stay at Bombay he was sufficiently restored to rejoin his regiment.
  • The columbine was once known as Herba leonis, from a belief that it was the lion's favourite plant, and it is said that when bears were half-starved by hybernatinghaving remained for days without foodthey were suddenly restored by eating the arum.
  • And the queen wished that the good beauties of Ophelia might be the happy cause of his wildness, for so she hoped that her virtues might happily restore him to his accustomed way again, to both their honours.
  • * * * * * USEFUL DOMESTIC HINTS * * * * * TAINTED MEAT Meat tainted to an extreme degree may be speedily restored by washing it in cold water, and afterwards in strong camomile tea; after which it may be sprinkled with salt, and used the following day; or if steeped and well washed in beer, it will make pure and sweet soup even after being fly-blown.
  • He freely restored Iotape to the Median king, who had found an asylum with him after the defeat, but refused the request of Artaxes that his brothers be sent him, because this prince had put to death the Romans left behind in Armenia.
  • However, when I had explained to him how my bales had been miraculously restored to me, he graciously accepted my gifts, and in return gave me many valuable things.
  • The young Christian was not slow in answering all his inquiries as to the nature of the white man's Mahneto, and explaining to him why the true believer can endure, even with cheerfulness, afflictions and bereavements that are most trying to flesh and blood, in the confident hope that God will over-rule every event to his people's good, and will eventually restore all that they have lost.
  • The relationships of trade are being restored only slowly; commerce is spoken of as an aim.
  • Having restored him safely, she turned to the people.
  • The opium, as a moderate substitute for liquor, temporarily restored the habitual tone of his system and revived his natural self-control, and Logotheti soon gave up the idea of extracting any secret from him in a moment of garrulous expansion.
  • "Good for you, Colonel!" said the Boy, with confidence wonderfully restored.
  • The person alleged to have been abducted was promptly restored, and the circumstances of the case are now about to undergo investigation before a judicial tribunal.
  • Given a new spirit in Germany I do not see why the German flag should not presently be restored in German East Africa.
  • We three folks are heartily glad to hear that you are coming happily out of it; & we are venturing to hope that by this time you are wholly restored.
  • And though never perhaps seen by human eye, it was but yesterday, geologically speaking, since it disappeared, and the traces of its existence are still so fresh, it may easily be restored to the eye of imagination and viewed in all its grandeur, about as truly and vividly as if actually before us.
  • We have no doubt that your languid circulation was partly restored by the timely aid thus unconsciously afforded you by PUNCHINELLO.
  • The Architect found no great difficulty in prevailing on Charlotte to give him a considerable sum of money to restore it externally and internally, in the original spirit, and thus, as he thought, to bring it into harmony with the resurrection-field which lay in front of it.
  • But they tell me they are hopeful that ere long her voice will become stronger, and speech practically restored.
  • Nevertheless, a fine was laid upon them by the newly restored Government.
  • So then, when quiet had been permanently restored, taking a short sword he killed himself.
  • Great quantities of ether-quantities much greater than are usually given-had apparently restored him, and all were in good spirits, when, feeling himself much better, he drank a great deal and was actually sick!
  • It has been "restored" regardless of style.
  • The sweet freshness of her new existence was rapidly restoring tone to her mental system, and life no longer seemed a hopeless task.
  • Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold.
  • The castle was extensively restored and repaired by the late Lord Armstrong; but, sad to say, since his death it has been stripped of many of its treasures.
  • The parts wanting have been admirably restored by Thorwaldsen.
  • The original lies before me, but shall be faithfully restored to her; and I dare say will be preserved by her as a jewel as long as she lives.
  • The party of reform will be in the ascendency in the counsels of the emperor, and I have every hope that I shall shortly be restored to favor at court, a matter, by the way, which I care for very much more for the sake of my daughters than for myself.
  • To use these properly they must be gradually restored to that level, from which they had been so unjustly degraded.
  • In Virginia all emancipated slaves remaining twelve months in the State, are kindly restored to their former condition.
  • In compliance with this advice the lady was put in close confinement, the whole secret extorted, and the clothes of Bisclaveret duly restored.
  • The dead body of Harold was brought to William, and was generously restored without ransom to his mother.
  • [Footnote 26: The editor of the edition in 1732, has altered canary to "sherry," for what reason I am at a loss to discover, and have consequently restored the reading of the first edition.
  • At the end of three months the idea quit him as suddenly as it had come on, and he was not only normal but greatly restored in strength of intellect through the experience.
  • of Christiania; was burnt in 1826, but handsomely restored in modern style; timber is the main trade; in the immediate neighbourhood is the impregnable fortress of Frederiksteen, associated with the death of Charles XII. of Sweden, who fell fighting in the trenches before its walls in 1718.
  • "Oh, it's bad enough this way," grumbled Joe Stockton, and the sheriff, hastily restoring his glove, grunted assent.
  • We entered the house in silence, when the good old man immediately set about showing me, by ocular proof, that everything was restored as effectually as I was restored myself.
  • Previous Democratic governors used executive orders to automatically restore prisoner voting rights after their release, but Republican Gov. Terry Branstad, Reynoldspredecessor, reversed that action when he was elected in 2010.
  • We shall learn in a subsequent chapter that the living body is continually losing energy, but by means of food is continually restoring its substance and replenishing its stock of energy.
  • To whom Paul said: Farewell, Plautilla, daughter of everlasting health, lend to me thy veil or keverchief with which thou coverest thy head, that I may bind mine eyes therewith, and afterward I shall restore it to thee again.
  • In other passages I have restored the metre silently.
  • Gideon had seen many such places, had seen settlers come and clear themselves a space in the jungle, plant their groves, and live for a while in lazy independence; and then for some reason or other they would go, and before they had scarcely turned their backs, the jungle had crept in again, patiently restoring its ancient sovereignty.
  • It is estimated that the quantity of fluid picked up from the tissues by the lymphatics and restored daily to the circulation is equal to the bulk of the blood in the body.
  • For the fulfilment of these articles four hundred hostages from the principal families were required, previous to the surrender, to be subsequently restored.
  • His presence seemed to restore to her the happy gift of touching life lightly which is of the heart.
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