57 adverbs to describe how to restrained

So great was the tension on my nerves that I could scarcely restrain a shout of laughter.

As to the consent of the Virginia delegation to the restriction in question, whether the result of a disposition to restrain the slave trade indirectly, or the influence of that enthusiasm to which I have just alluded, * * *

And an alliance with France effectually restrained the emperour, as our fleets in America reduced the Spaniards to desire peace.

When they were once more alone, the monk motioned for silence to the impetuous Don Camillo, who could scarce restrain his impatience until the intruder departed.

"Wherever two or three gather Pearl Watson will rise and make a few remarks unless some one forcibly restrains her.

" "I am sorry for her," I said (and was on the point of adding "and him," but fortunately a glimmer of sense restrained me); "she will find him dry enough.

The feelings and propensities which, instead of being corrected, are unduly restrained, will be manifested in some other ways, and under less favourable circumstances, and frequently the reaction will be violent in maturity.

This first copy of the paper with which I was to be so closely connected bore date July 19th, 1874, and contained two long letters from a Mr. Arnold of Northampton, attacking Mr. Bradlaugh, and a brief and singularly self-restrained answer from the latter.

Although nothing forbids the general matter of these letters from being spoken of without reserve, yet as the publication of papers of this description would restrain injuriously the freedom of our foreign correspondence, they are communicated so far confidentially and with a request that after being read to the satisfaction of both Houses they may be returned.

We may remark, that the declamations against the secular clergy are, both here and in all the historians, conveyed in general terms; and as that order of men are commonly restrained by the decency of their character, it is difficult to believe that the complaints against their dissolute manners could be so universally just as is pretended.

As she stood there with him in the doorway, chattering, Rowcliffe was struck again with the excitement of her voice and manner, imperfectly restrained, and with the quivering glitter of her eyes.

But within these limits, and jealously restrained by these conditions, a strongly marked character, exuberant with power and life, and the play of individual qualities, displayed itself.

He had come into the keeping of the Paiutes as a hostage for the long peace which the authority of the whites made interminable, and, though there was now no order in the tribe, nor any power that could have lawfully restrained him, kept on in the old usage, to save his honor and the word of his vanished kin.

The last son, Igino, outlived his parents and his own welfare; he was "un' anima disarmonica" After his father's death he attempted to complete and market an unfinished and rejected composition of his father's, but he was legally restrained.

He restrained his wrath manfully, and said, simply: "An old college friend of Jack's has been very kind to us.

But God mercifully restrained my foolish passion, and presently the boat and the rower vanished in the evening haze.

Each man was intent on his duty, while the elements worked their will around him, as madly as if the hand by which they are ordinarily restrained was for ever removed.

Goethe, as a young man, had indulged such fervors; but in old age he had lost this effusiveness, or saw fit to restrain himself outwardly, while his kindly nature still glowed with its pristine fires.

They are cravings that even the baffling methods of the most ingeniously worked Conciliation Boards cannot permanently restrain.

she asked, biting her lips with a poorly restrained gesture of mortification and disappointment.

Your measures, if uniform and systematic, will never give offense, however powerfully you may restrain and control those subject to them.

Proudly restraining herself, she walked with composure to the stairs.

But from any tragic act I was providentially restrained by the very delusion which gave birth to the desirein a way which signally appeared on a later and, to me, a memorable day.

Then he showed Caesar his error most convincingly and restrained him most prudently, until the latter, abashed and afraid, would not accept either the name of king or the diadem, which he had in mind to bestow upon himself even against our will.

It will be admitted that the whole of Mussalman India has behaved in a singularly restrained manner during the past five years and that the leaders have been able to keep the turbulent sections of their community under complete control.

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