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Although Aristotle did state in his definition that any subject was the material of rhetoric, in his classification of the varieties of speeches he practically restricts rhetoric as did Hermagoras, Dionysius, and the Ad Herennium; for here he finds but three kinds of oratory: the deliberative, the forensic, and the occasional, ἐπιδεικτικός.

Nevertheless, it is significant that the versatile genius of the man was henceforth restricted to these two channels of expression, and that in both of them his last twenty years of existence produced bloom and fruit of unexpected rarity.

We were not indeed unduly restricted in works of imagination, but we read nothing which was foolish or sensational, and a higher taste than the taste for mere stories was cultivated in us.

If we still adhere to our localised defence, we shall have two distinct kinds of force-one provided merely for local, and consequently restricted, action; the other able to act near the shore or far out at sea as circumstances may demand.

Their functions were considerably restricted, leaving all capital cases and ultimate decisions in the hands of the Madrid "Supreme."

<Strict, string, strain> (bind): (1) district, restrict, strictly, stringent, strain, restrain, constrain; (2) stricture, constriction, boa constrictor, astringent, strait, stress.

This use of the word is comparatively modern, and it is commonly restricted to persons connected with daily or weekly newspapers.

His good fortune was enormous, and this although he had a severely restricted notion as to price.

34.Sometimes the broad import of an antecedent is doubly restricted, first by one relative clause, and then by an other; as, "And all that dwell upon the earth, shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life.

Both terms have been gradually restricted in their use, and made to apply only to the land service.

First communion of both kinds, heretofore restricted to the clergy, was appointed; and, closely connected with it, Masses were put down.

But should the right to raise and appropriate the public money be improperly restricted, the whole system might be sensibly affected, if not disorganized.

In fact, by defining quittor as a 'fistula,' or little pipe, we have ourselves already indirectly restricted the use of the word to the two latter conditions, for in those varieties known as Simple or Cutaneous and Tendinous, the wound is generally broad and open, or, at any rate, superficial, and can scarcely be strictly described as 'fistulous.'

While land-holdings on the farmland were legally restricted in their size, the "gardens" were unrestricted.

Every effort, legal and illegal, has been made to Magyarise the educational system, with the result that in all the primary and secondary schools under State control Magyar is the exclusive language of instruction, while the number of denominational schools has been steadily diminished and their sphere of action, as more favourable to the non-Magyar races, materially restricted.

He bore many titles and held several crowns, but his actual dominion was narrowly restricted, and his nominal subjects were in a state of political subdivision almost amounting to dismemberment.

The policy serves, as powerfully as any trade union custom, to restrict the entry of women into the men's employments, and often spells virtual exclusion.

The valley is very narrow, and the cultivation restricted principally to terraced fields on the hill-slopes.

Nor is the gradation purely restricted to these simple organisms.

Already the frontiersmen had penetrated even into New Mexico from the district round the mouth of the Missouri, in which they had become very numerous; and the Bishop earnestly advised that the places where the Americans were allowed to settle should be rigidly restricted.

Legislation cannot satisfactorily restrict immigration.

As long as there was no recognized way of admitting the home woman to even a tiny corner of the labor field, as long as entry was restricted solely to the wage-earning woman, there seemed no chance of women being ever in anything but a hopeless minority in either local or international union, and that minority, too, composed so largely of young and inexperienced girls.

To all this I reply, that the, an, and a, are worthy to be distinguished as the only articles, because they are not only used with much greater frequency than any other definitives, but are specially restricted to the limiting of the signification of nouns.

These educated Chinese not only succeeded in winning over the rulers themselves to the Chinese cultural ideal, but persuaded them to adopt laws that substantially restricted the privileges of the Sha-t'o and brought advantages only to the Chinese gentry.

But out-door exercise for girls is terribly restricted, first by their costume, and secondly by the remarks of Mrs. Grundy.

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