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Flora, on her part, was troubled concerning the distrust which she felt must be excited by her mysterious position, and she was continually revolving plans to clear herself from suspicion in the eyes of her new friend.

" Often must the young chieftain, while meditating the exploit which has thus immortalized him, have anxiously revolved in his mind the fate of the many great men who had been crushed in the attempt which he was about to renewthe attempt to stay the chariot wheels of triumphant Rome.

He was perpetually revolving in his mind the sentiments and hopes which the nation would form of th

Sometimes the events of the past year, ceaselessly revolving through her brain, became no longer a subject for criticism or justification but simply a series of pictures monotonously unrolled.

The excitement was perfectly indescribable, when the two Americans began revolving swiftly around the room; the musicians became almost frantic in their endeavours to play faster, the man with the comb blew himself into a fit of coughing and had to sit down, and a regular tramp, tramp, tramp, from fifty or sixty feet, marked time to the music, together with encouraging shouts of "Vallai!

But every thing which is moved perpetually and participates of time, revolves periodically and proceeds from the same to the same.

She glanced down at the floor, in pursuit of it: the floor was darkly revolving.

In the mean time, Pompey passed on through the Vale of Tempe toward the sea, regardless of the beauty and splendor that surrounded him, and thinking only of his fallen fortunes, and revolving despairingly in his mind the various forms in which the final consummation of his ruin might ultimately come.

There was so much to say, to explain, to define, and everything was so confused and dizzily revolving, that we knew not which door to open first.

These were questions to which I could find no answer, and I was still fruitlessly revolving them when I arrived at the modest inn where the inquest was to be held, and where I proposed to fortify myself with a correspondingly modest lunch as a preparation for my attendance at that inquiry.

The drum, or cylinder, is caused to gradually revolve by a weight attached to an endless cord passing once around the drum.

"Resolved, That worthily to show our veneration for this majestic and beautiful character, we must revolve it habitually in our thoughts, and try to appropriate it to the purification and elevation of our lives, and so educate our children that they shall, if possible, grow up into its likeness.

A plan which he had been idly revolving in his mind for the education of Miss Minford, began to take shape.

" Del's sunshade was revolving impatiently.

The shell C' revolves inside of two yokes (y) and (y'), one attached to each steam-valve toe, (a) and (a') respectively.

My thoughts have now for a long time past so frequently and so involuntarily revolved on the subject that I begin to be very jealous over them, and to query whether it is the workings of self-imaginations.

Some of those whom Washington Square left unvisited were the centre of social systems far outside its ken, and as indifferent to its opinions as the constellations to the reckonings of the astronomers; and all these systems joyously revolved about their central sun of gold.

The memory languidly revolved, the heart Reposed in noontide rest, the inner pulse Of contemplation almost failed to beat.

In this case the shuttle itself consists of a steel tube, into the open end of which the wound reel is dropped, and is free to revolve quite loosely.

They are as follows: The moon, which revolves lower down than the sun (or so it is believed), either directly below him or perhaps with Mercury and likewise Venus intervening, has a longitudinal movement just like him, and a higher and lower movement just like him, but furthermore a latitudinal movement such as nowhere belongs to the sun under any circumstances.

It would take more than the advent of these gay comets in his sky to disturb his content in the stars which revolved loyally about him.

After some further conversation, Washington disclosed a project, which he had maturely revolved in his own mind.

Just then he was merely revolving the situation in his mind, and trying to see some way of escaping from it, without abandoning his friend.

A Fate utterly beyond his understanding had set him there as a wheel in that mighty machine; and he must revolve in his place motionlessly and unresistingly in whatever task was set before him. . . .

He had hardly taken his stand there before the handle was very gently turned from within, the door revolved noiselessly upon its hinges, and a man slid silently through the aperture, closing it again behind him.

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