35 adverbs to describe how to ridicules

He had been baffled, and, moreover, bantered and almost openly ridiculed.

A true-born Englishman's a contradiction, In speech an irony, in fact a fiction; A banter made to be a test of fools, Which those that use it justly ridicules; A metaphor invented to express A man akin to all the universe.

By the conjugal theory itself there ought to be no Widows; and, accordingly, a class, that by our milder manners is merely ridiculed, on the ruder banks of the Ganges is literally roasted.

" Many of the old gardening books give the same advice, although by some it has been severely ridiculed.

In Hudibras and Ralpho the two extreme types of the Puritan party, Presbyterians and Independents, are mercilessly ridiculed.

He had teased her when she was a very little girl, laughing at her naïve honesty, throwing doubts on her independence, cynically ridiculing her loyalty.

I shall only add, that this Piece of false Wit has been finely ridiculed by Monsieur Sarasin, in a Poem intituled, La Defaite des Bouts-Rimez, The Rout of the Bouts-Rimez.

He does not flippantly ridicule the homoousian and the homoiousian as mere words, but the expression and exponent of profound theological distinctions, as every theologian knows them to be.

Sheridan ridiculed the idea very happily.

Each man would ridicule heartily a neighbour who should allege such a ground for fearing to injure one of us; but there is none who is so true to his own unbelief as to do that which, in every instance, has been followed by signal and awful disaster.

Thirdly, He is wonderfully unlucky, insomuch that he will bite the Hand that feeds him, and endeavour to ridicule both Friends and Foes indifferently.

This sentiment is involved in many of those prejudices which have been so much, and in some sense justifiably ridiculed.

She ridiculed keenly the pride of fools, the vanity of parvenus, and, feeling herself of the people to her very finger-ends, she thought herself more noble than all the patricians and aristocrats of the earth.

He had borne patiently ridicule, force, deceit from without; whatever of harm or mischief Sanballat did, he could not help, nor was he surprised at it.

His daughter makes him a constant laughing-stock, she is perpetually ridiculing his presumption and his vanity; but she will end by marrying the rich baronet.

It is you yourselves who pitilessly ridicule the uncultured Indian and deny him his rights, on the ground that he is ignorant.

Fingal denied to be genuine, and pleasantly ridiculed. September 23.

The incident, so pleasingly ridiculed in this paper, happened in 1758; and the newspapers of the time gave it due importance.

One jolly thing about Ski runners is that they seldom ridicule one another or laugh at falls in any but a friendly way.

So the foolish people who, for the sake of making themselves peculiar, revived these unlikely fictions, were speedily ridiculed and reduced to silence.

But, while all agreed that some change was absolutely necessary for the health of women, the press stoutly ridiculed those who were ready to make the experiment.

He wrote a piece called The Rehearsal Transposed, in which he very successfully ridiculed Dr. Parker.

By asking some applause from them as to comic actors at the close of some mime he ridiculed most tellingly the whole life of man.

Dade grinned and winked at Jack, who, by the way, was neither looking nor listening; for Teresita was once more tenderly ridiculing his star-incrusted saddle and so claimed his whole attention.

I had never pretended to conceal from poor Tom my superstitious weakness; and he, on the other hand, most unaffectedly ridiculed my tremors.

35 adverbs to describe how to  ridicules  - Adverbs for  ridicules