4 adverbs to describe how to rite

Health and joy have taken flight, Prayer nor chant nor priestly rite Do I prize.

" "There is," said the friar, "some strange misunderstanding in the prince and Claudio;" and then he counselled Leonato, that he should report that Hero was dead; and he said, that the death-like swoon in which they had left Hero, would make this easy of belief; and he also advised him, that he should put on mourning, and erect a monument for her, and do all rites that appertain to a burial.

why in arms together met? How dares your pride presume against my laws, As in a listed field to fight your cause? Unask'd the royal grant; no marshal by, As knightly rites require; nor judge to try?

He was not a voluptuary, like his friend the duke; nor a continued drunkard, like many other 'fine gentlemen' with whom he mixed; nor a cheat, though a gambler; nor a sceptic, like his friend Walpole; nor a blasphemer, like the Medmenham set, though he had once parodied profanely a sacred rite; nor was he steeped in debt, as Fox was; nor does he appear to have been a practised seducer, as too many of his acquaintance were.

4 adverbs to describe how to  rite  - Adverbs for  rite