71 adverbs to describe how to rocks

A pig rushes boldly through, and a deer will cause the grass to rock violently to and fro.

She just sat down on the floor with the terrible portrait in her lap, and rocked herself backwards and forwards.

The next moment a rain of falling fragments of earth and wood came splashing down into the watera few stray pieces actually reaching the Betty, which rocked vigorously as a minature tidal wave swept after us up the creek.

"He placed some tinned meat and water near us, and then sat by the mast, singing loudly and rocking himself backward and forward.

The farmer's wife for the first time was relieved of care, and could go off to see the sights with her mind at rest, if she desired anything more active than rocking lazily with the delicious sensation of having nothing to do.

Its greatest height was at its northern end, where it rose out of the rich alluvion of the soil, literally a rock of some forty feet in perpendicular height, having a summit of about an acre of level land, and falling off on its three sides; to the east and west precipitously; to the south quite gently and with regularity.

she said, rocking peacefully.

The order was given, and the vessel rocked idly on the waves, while the boat drew rapidly nearer.

" Harriet, rocking placidly in her arm-chair, was mending a number of pairs of new socks, Poor Harriet!

The frail craft rocked as she slid into it, careful only not to overbalance; next moment it rocked more dangerously and then settled evenly into the water under the doctor's added weight.

The severity of the gale, which they had met some three days since, had entirely abated; the ship was laid to while the slight damage sustained was undergoing repair, and rocked heavily under the gray sky on the long, sullen swell and roll of the grayer waters.

"Giles," said he softly, rocking the archer in his grasp, "O Giles Brabblecombe o' the Hills, did I not save thy roguish life for thee?

In descending the trunk of a tree with the intention of alighting on the ground, he preserves a cautious silence, mindful, perhaps, of foxes and wildcats; but while rocking safely at home in the pine-tops there is no end to his capers and noise; and woe to the gray squirrel or chipmunk that ventures to set foot on his favorite tree!

"I hear you have come to see me, so we must know each other, I'm sure" The visitor was on her feet, the chair, from which she had sprung with a nervous jerk, rocking frantically as if a nervous ghost were sitting in it.

Aun' Nancy fed 'im en rocked 'im en rocked 'im, en fin'lly he des cried en cried 'tel he cried hisse'f ter sleep.

He merely rocked back upon the rock, embraced his knees in both of his enormous arms, and, in a word, transformed himself into a round ball of mirth.

On Sundays, when he saw good Mrs. Jones asleep, and Simon Brown's hard, sharp eyes, and Deacon Twitchel mournfully rocking to and fro, and his wife handing fennel to keep the children awake, his eye glanced across to the front gallery, where one earnest young face, ever kindling with feeling and bright with intellect, followed on his way, and he felt uplifted and comforted.

When the wind rises to a storm it must rock perilously indeed.

And oh, full happily now my rest I take, And care not I when it lightly rocks in the wind,

For the writer's part, while venturing to deplore certain incongruities such as the startling inscription that faces the visitor as he turns to survey the Tilly Whim cavern from the platform of rock outside, a feeling of respect for the wholehearted enthusiasm and industry of the remarkable man who was responsible for these marvels is predominant.

As we proceeded, the roof rose rapidly, so that the rocks overhead could not presently be seen by the light of the candle and lamp.

The little girl she had been comes stealing back into the book and rocks her arms joyfully, and we see Grizel's crooked smile for the last

One day he took her to her rooms in Corp's house, thinking her old furniture would please her; and that was the day when she rocked her arms joyously again.

Three times the weapon spoke, at little more than arm's-length, and Black Jack spun on his heels, then rocked forward limply.

A belated steamboat was swashing down stream, and a schooner, having but little of wind and less of tide to help it along, was rocking listlessly in the long swell.

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