60 adverbs to describe how to row

We made up our ditty bags, stepped into one of the surf boats, and were rowed ashore.

The rowers rowed swiftly and sent the canoe shooting up the river toward the wild country.

They headed north, and once out in the center of the lake, paddled and rowed steadily.

We rowed leisurely along the eastern shore, and in a deep bay found excellent fishing, at the mouth of a cold mountain brook.

The ship to which the "Falcon's" boats were told off lay next to that which had carried the 33d, and as he rowed past, he exchanged a shout and a wave of the hand with Harry, who was standing at the top of the companion-ladder, seeing the men of his company take their seats in the boats.

Then he was out on the road to the landing; and in five minutes more he was vigorously rowing the "Jenny" out through the inlet, towards the bay.

The fellows in the boat rowed straight for us and gave us an aid kit and a couple of lanterns.

An enormous pile, the barracks of the Anatolian soldiery, hangs over the high bank, and, as we row abreast of it, a fresh breeze comes up from the Sea of Marmora.

Once again we bethought ourselves of our oars, and silently rowing to our prey, took it into the boat in great triumph.

The once goodly row of quartos looks now like a set of mineral teeth that have essayed too closely to simulate Nature by assaulting a Boston cracker; and the intervals of vacuity among the books, as among the incisors, deprive the owner of his accustomed glibness in pronouncing himself on certain topics.

" "Let me row awhile," said Frank.

And, after they had given order to the watermen to turn their barge, and row softly, that they might take the cool of the evening in their return: CRITES, being desired by the company to begin, spoke on behalf of the Ancients, in this manner.

Why do you hide yourself from those poor wretches, who keep rowing backwards and forwards in an obviously aimless way, just to get a peep at you en passant?

She afterwards proved to be a French hoy; but Charles waited not to ascertain the fact; the boat was instantly lowered, and the two adventurers were rowed safely into the harbour.

Well, we started, and Jone sat in the front, with his back to me, and the long-legged gilly rowed like a good fellow.

Upon this a panic spread among the rest, seeing the commander's ship captured, and flying in every direction, some were sunk in the deep and some rowed hastily to land, where, shortly after, they became a prey to the Thurians and Metapontines.

That heavy cod-seine, a hundred fathoms long, sank the stern of our barge rather deeply, and made it row heavily.

They would look at each other for a moment half in consternation, half in glee, then rush from their sport in wanton haste to assail with their gibes the unoffending, withered old man who, in rusty attire, sat in the stern of a skiff, rowed homeward by his white-headed African mute.

We next rowed inside of Jar Island whose peaked summit forms a very good mark for the channel between the Middle and Long Rocks.

Early in the dusk the captain invariably rowed himself out to his beloved schooner.

I vote we go and have a jolly row with him to-morrow morning.

Many a summer afternoon have I rowed joyously with these same maidens beneath these steep and garlanded shores; many a time have they pulled the heavy four-oar, with me as coxswain at the helm,the said patient steersman being oft-times insulted by classical allusions from rival boats, satirically comparing him to an indolent Venus drawn by doves, whi

Soon, comfortably seated in the scow, they were pushed and rowed laboriously along by the good-natured Tom, while Bouncer panted along the bank, or dashed into the water, splashing the boat in fine style.

To and fro We idly go, Bidding our oarsmen lightly row; Here and there Halting where The vision seems supremely fair; Happy to let our little boat In a flood of opaline splendor float.

The men rowed lustily, but their utmost exertions could move the ship but slowly.

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