137 adverbs to describe how to rung

The bell was rung violently.

The report rang sharply, and, almost blending with it, came the loud splud of the bullet striking its mark.

" Then the trumpets sounded, and his vassals came, Gather'd round his banner, loudly rang his name; Clash'd their burnish'd targets, waved their flashing steel A goodly gath'ring look'd they, arm'd from head to heel.

She nestled down among the soft robes of the sleigh while the silver bells rang merrily through the frosty air.

He opened it listlessly, rang the bell furiously, ordered out his best horse, and, huddling on his clothes, galloped to the nearest station, caught the train, and arrived at his uncle's bank it had stopped payment two hours before.

Again I seemed to hear in the air the music of "1812," and the bells of burning Moscow ringing out loud and clear above the triumph song of the invader.

His head hummed; the refrain of the taut lines rang louder.

Now after Sir Launcelot had passed by that castle it seemed to him that he heard very delicate silver bells ringing sweetly in the air above him, and when he looked up he beheld that a falcon was flying over his head toward a high elm tree that stood at a little distance, and he wist that it was the bells upon the cap of the falcon that rang so sweetly.

At least that was their intention, but any one seeing them sitting on the low stone bridge over the river, with their lines dangling carelessly in the water, and their merry laughter and voices ringing out continually, would not be surprised if their fishing did not meet with success.

She rang boldly at the door, and when a maid answered, quite taken aback by the girlish figure in deep black, Kate asked, confidently: "I want to see the sick man, Mr. Jones.

Then he rang impatiently.

[From the Prelude.] So through the darkness and the cold we flew, And not a voice was idle; with the din Smitten, the precipices rang aloud; The leafless trees and every icy crag Tinkled like iron; while far distant hills Into the tumult sent an alien sound Of melancholy not unnoticed, while the stars Eastward were sparking clear, and in the west The orange sky of evening died away.

The telephone bell from the little instrument on the table within a few feet of them, rang insistently.

A bell rang faintly in the distance of the house.

We had short time to jump into our shoes and clothes, and wet our eyes with icy water, before a small hand bell was vigorously rung for roll call.

I think both my father and uncle still nursed the idea that I was to become the good old-fashioned county attorney, for they perpetually rang in my ears the praises of "our Bench" and "our chairman," out Bench being by far the biggest thing in Hertfordshire, except when a couple of notables came down to contest the heavy-weight championship or some other noble prize.

Can we ring the bells backward?

Up three flights he rode in the elevator, and then rang softly at the door which here the card of Mrs. Merrick.

Another cup of wineand while that turn-coat bell, that just now mournfully chanted the obsequies of 1820 departed, with changed notes lustily rings in a successor, let us attune to its peal the song made on a like occasion, by hearty, cheerful Mr. Cotton.

If, as usual, the old nurse answered, all well; but if a bearded voice set all the wires a-trembling, he would, of course, hastily ring off, and abuse "Central" for giving him the wrong number.

And she had the most equable of dispositions, her laughter ever rang out so heartily!

From the road there came a sound that seemed to ring pleasantly to my father's ears.

The two shots rang out simultaneously, but except for a cry and a crash of broken glass I knew nothing of what had happened.

His mirth had disappeared halfway through his speech, and in the latter part of it his voice rang sternly.

It rang strangely in the gloomy cave.

137 adverbs to describe how to  rung  - Adverbs for  rung
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