160 adverbs to describe how to rush

As foes arose, these athletes of the tribe or clan would be the first to rush forth to slay the wild beast, to brave the sea and storm, or to wreak vengeance on assailing tribes.

The animal rushed furiously forward two or three rods, with its head lowered as if making a lunge at an enemy, then stopped, and looked all around, standing with its back humped up, and its short stump of a tail working and writhing at a furious rate.

Many a daughter has rushed headlong into a marriage which her relatives opposed and she regretted at leisure.

Thou madly rushest to thy death by this distracted show.

At length Saturday came, and as soon as morning school was over they rushed upstairs to change into their best clothes; and having crammed their night-shirts, brushes and combs, etc., into a hand-bag, hurried off to the railway station, in order that they might, as Jack put it, "be home in time for dinner.

At last in extreme vexation, I lowered my head and rushed blindly for his chest.

Through some of the open door-ways we saw plump children rolling about on the stone floors, and their mothers, by no means very pretty, but as happy-looking as mothers generally are; and while we gazed at these domestic matters, an old woman rushed wildly out of one of the gates, upholding a shovel, on which she clanged and clattered with a key.

When their performance was about half over the belated brother reached the hall and rushed frantically down the aisle, with carpetbag in hand, leaped upon the stage, and in full view of the audience proceeded to kiss the entire tribe.

Onward they rush; at last the hindmost animals have passed; and see, behind them all there scours a man!

The waters from the old works rushed impetuously along the new galleries.

Big cars, rocking and banging, rushed past in a cloud of dust.

He rushes in eagerly; but she sets her teeth on her anguish, and receives him with a low reverence.

When at length it turned the corner and came into view, she rushed downstairs to meet Mrs. Holymead.

Whoever passes by Ward's Island, where the tides of the East River and the Sound meet and rush swiftly to and fro through their narrow channels, will have some idea of what the Board has done as he sees the domes and spires of that great cluster of buildings, forming a vast caravanserai in which the poorer class of emigrants are temporarily lodged, before they can be sent into the interior or find employment here.

It may be asked, what motives could induce the merchants to expose themselves to unnecessary dangers, or what proofs they have ever given of such wild negligence of their own interest or safety, as that they should be suspected of rushing precipitately into the jaws of rapine?

I got one" and rushed excitedly through the house and into the kitchen waving an envelope, twin to the one Skinny had brought earlier in the day.

To her right rose a solid wall of stone; opposite rose its twin; between the two the river rushed tumultuously, tossing the great logs hither and thither as if they were spilikins.

this in thy hand," said Mercury, "and with it boldly enter her gates: when she shall strike thee with her rod, thinking to change thee, as she has changed thy friends, boldly rush in upon her with thy sword, and extort from her the dreadful oath of the gods, that she will use no enchantments against thee: then force her to restore thy abused companions."

I had half expected to hear the whistling of the air as the vessel rushed upward, but nothing of the kind was perceptible through her dense walls.

The two Germans rushed Frank simultaneously, and bore him back in the plane.

While they were still debating this point they heard the rush of the crowd outside; then the sudden silence, and then Fischhof's voice.

When for some days it was not brought in, they took stones and drove the officials from the Forum, threw down the images of Caesar and Antony, and finally, on not accomplishing anything in this way even, rushed violently upon them as if to kill them.

They had approached close enough now to see men rushing hurriedly about the deck.

As they thus rushed downward the earth seemed as if rising to meet them.

For she ran to and fro as if she were crazy, biting at the snow and rolling in it, and round and round in circles and rushed back at him fiercely as if she meant to bite him.

160 adverbs to describe how to  rush  - Adverbs for  rush