4 adverbs to describe how to salad

The menu was also yellow and white and consisted of hot bouillon, sprinkled with grated hard-boiled egg yolks; chicken jelly salad with mayonnaise; tiny bread and butter sandwiches; frozen custard in ice cups trimmed with white paper petals, so that each individual serving looked like a daisy; small squares of sponge cake, and angel food iced in yellow; yellow and white candies.

the Tree'twould ask no more To set a Salad forth, more rich than that Which Evelyn in his princely cookery fancied: Or that more rare, by Eve's neat hands enhanced, Where, a pleased guest, the angelic Virtue sat.

SALADS [Illustration] Club Salad Boil separately two carrots, two turnips, and four potatoes.

Can I have a little more oil with my salad, please, steward, and I should like some French white wine.

4 adverbs to describe how to  salad  - Adverbs for  salad