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I should have thought a big official dinner at the Foreign Office would have been precisely the same under any regime."

Underneath all the ambitions of certain individuals and groups; underneath all the greed and chicanery of others; underneath the widespread ignorance, mother of prejudice, which sunders folk of different race or colour-deep down the human heart beats practically the same in all lands, drawing us little mortals together.

I know dat you neber change, missy; I know you always be de same!

The more important characteristics are, however, essentially the same, some of the best naturalists maintaining that the two are only varied forms of one species.

They are the same substantially which Moses declared to those sensual and degraded slaves whom he led out of Egypt,yea, the doctrines of David and of Job.

" "And the story you have just told me about the Zoo and the pictures and the rest is virtually the same as the statement you made at the station?" "Yes, sir.

For E, the point of real slip is approximately the same as for F. For B and D, the positions on the curve would be about the same.

I shall do what I can for 'er." "Same 'ere," said Mr. Brown, in a deep voice.

It exalts, and not degrades, the memory of Shakspeare to think of him in this manner, as a man: for he was a man; he had eyes, hands, organs, dimensions, and so forth, the same that a Jew hath; a good many people saw him alive.

Surely the same poem proceeding from the lips of the poet and of the child he has taught, are essentially different effects, though outwardly the same.

" Unquestionably the same,there were the superior brow, the richly clustered curls of golden brown, the painful lips, and the foreboding eyes.

Identically the same that were made in Massachusetts and New York a quarter of a century ago.

It was no other than the artifice of wholesale, universal flattery,always and invariably the same,with which Mme.

" The Olive-backed Thrush Length about seven inchesthe same as the Hermit.

If this were really so, then however indefinitely sames might still be substituted for sames in the logical world of nothing but pure sameness, in the world of real operations every line of sameness actually started and followed up would eventually give out, and cease to be traceable any farther.

When here, or at Lumley Castle, surrounded by my tenantry, there are, I confess, moments of weakness, in which the loss of my wealth or rank would be missed greatly; but when on service, subjected to great privations, and surrounded by men superior to me in military rank, who say unto mego, and I gocome, and I comeI find my enjoyments intrinsically the same.

The milk is simply allowed to stand in a warm place in the bottles just as it is bought, and when it reaches the consistency of a rich cream or is more like a jelly the same as is required for cheese, it is ready to drink.

To begin with, experts in anagrams will not fail to notice that the names ALGERNON SWINBURNE and W. ROBERTSON NICOLL contain practically the same number of lettersabsolutely the same if SWINBURNE is spelt without an "e"and that the forenames of both end in "-on," as does also the concluding syllable of WATTS-DUNTON.

The one goes on mechanically the same, and depends for his power on violence, or on threats and demonstrations of violence.

Now, believe me, it is just the same with menexactly the same.

Here Baxter confounds his own particular case, which very many would have coveted, with the sufferings of other prisoners on the same score;sufferings nominally the same, but with few, if any, of Baxter's almost flattering supports.

From the Gallery of Cardinal Fesch, and presumably the same as the picture in the Collection of James II.

Mr. Craik suggests, also, that quick and wicked may be etymologically identical, because he fancies a relationship between busy and the German böse, though wicked is evidently the participial form of A.S. wacan, (German weichen,) to bend, to yield, meaning one who has given way to temptation, while quick seems as clearly related to wegan, meaning to move, a different word, even if radically the same.

You investigate; and you discover that your horse's work, though seemingly the same as usual, is in fact immensely greater.

And here I wish as solemnly the same: May all arrive to me,

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