9 adverbs to describe how to sanded

It returned by the route it had taken in coming; but it now kept on the north side of King Street, which thoroughfare was divided in the midst by a railing, and deeply sanded.

"She's badly sanded up.

The next morning the brig was anchored off the north-east end of the island in thirteen fathoms gravelly sand; and in the afternoon I went on shore in a bay on the east or leeward side, where we found the water smooth and the landing more practicable than upon the north side where a tremendous surf was rolling in upon the beach.


Similar substances have since been discovered by Dr. Clarke Abel, near Simon's Town, at the Cape of Good Hope, and are described by him to be vegetables impregnated with carbonate of lime; but from the specimens we obtained, it would appear that it is neither coral, nor a petrified vegetable substance, but merely sand agglutinated by calcareous matter**. (*Footnote.

From the height of a horse you look down to clean spaces in a shifty yellow soil, bare to the eye as a newly sanded floor.

They filled the town and overflowed on to the sands outside, where a great tent-city grew up.

Where Hudson's wave o'er silvery sands Winds through the hills afar, Old Crow-nest like a monarch stands, Crowned with, a single star

By the yellow-sanded sea.

9 adverbs to describe how to  sanded  - Adverbs for  sanded