147 adverbs to describe how to saving

It would be absurd to believe it, merely to save an uncritical expression of Livy.

"Monseigneur Darboy," writes an eye-witness (Monsieur Dubutte, miraculously saved by an error of name), "occupied cell No. 21 of the 4th division, and I was at a short distance from him, in No. 26.

They had undoubtedly saved his life after he had treated her outrageously.

I could see him giving an order, when his horse was hit and he barely saved himself from falling under it.

But to the inhabitants they are tokens of those fearful fires which raged over the island during the long drought of this summer; when the forests were burning for a whole month, and this house scarcely saved; when whole cane-fields, mills, dwelling-houses, went up as tinder and flame in a moment, and the smoky haze from the burning island spread far out to sea.

However that may be, he stayed in Scotland with one Gilbert of Ghent, at whose house, among other doughty deeds, single-handed he slew a mighty white bear that escaped from captivity, incidentally saving the life of a pretty little maiden named Alftruda, and earning the hatred of the other men, who had not dared to face the bear.

Dall call Unookuk 'Kurilla.'" "DallDall," said the Colonel to the Boy; "was that the name of the explorer fella" Fortunately the Boy was saved from need to answer.

Matter of fact, Manners, he saved my life twice and that's why I'm tied to him for life.

Shortly after we had reached Chitral, Moberly reported that part of the wall had fallen on a sleeping sepoy, who was luckily saved by some beams catching and protecting him from being crushed by the débris.

And though I would gladly have saved you from suffering, I cannot but see that your character has been elevated by it.

"What suggested to you," I asked one day of Eveena, "the suspicion that so narrowly saved my life?"

And though no one is a real Christian believer (and consequently cannot be saved) who doth not good works when there is time and opportunity, yet our works have no part in meriting or purchasing our justification, from first to last, either in whole or part."

Let not the friend who nobly saved my life, And more, the dearer life of Kai-khosráu, Suffer from us.

Rags are not imported from Italy and Germany to the same amount as formerly, because people here save them more carefully; and the value of the rags, junk, etc., saved annually in the United States, is believed to amount to two millions of dollars.

He is warned by a mysterious friend, an outlaw called Elias, whose life he had accidentally saved; but desiring first to see Maria Clara, he refuses to make his escape, and when the outbreak occurs he is arrested as the instigator of it and thrown into prison in Manila.

Obviously no race of men, save the race to which habits of self-government and the skilful use of political representation had come to be as second nature, could ever have succeeded in founding such a system.

Every time he saw my father after that he would say, 'Bill, you sure did save my life.' "My father and mother lived in a log cabin.

The fugitive was a deserter from the fort, one who had doubtless given such information to the British general as might work serious harm to all of us; but yet never a cry was heard from our garrison, save such as expressed hope that he might escape the terrible doom from which we had at least temporarily saved him, and all appeared eager for him to gain the fortification.

The dreadful finale had only been averted by the advent of Uncle John Merrick, who had changed the life plans of the widow and her heedless daughter and promptly saved the situation.

Therefore, in 1834, he gladly resigned his seat in Parliament and accepted the situation of a member of the Supreme Council of India, on a salary of £10,000 a year, £7000 of which he continued to save yearly; so that at the end of four years, when he returned to England, he had become a rich man, or at least independent, with leisure to do whatever he pleased.

De Gama being along side of the ship commanded by his brother, with whom he wished to speak, had hold of the chains, when the boat was carried from under him by the force of the current, but by immediate assistance, he and his boats crew were providentially saved.

When the winds blow hardest and sleet adds cutting force to the gale, then the surfmen, whose business it is to save life regardless of their own comfort or safety, are most alert.

That mite cast in by the widow was no purer, greater offering than these pennies so lovingly and heroically saved by this little child.

It was pointed out that money wages had risen considerably in all kinds of employment; that prices had generally fallen, so that the rise in real wages was even greater; that they worked shorter hours; consumed more and better food; lived longer lives; committed fewer crimes; and lastly, saved more money.

Firstly, it saved Blackstone; secondly, it saved me, let me down easy; and thirdly, it appealed to the womanly vanity of my wife, and it took.

147 adverbs to describe how to  saving  - Adverbs for  saving
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