40 adverbs to describe how to scold

I remember scolding her severely for pulling my hair at one time, and she was as meek as Moses, and never answered a word.

The moment he saw that Bert's recklessness had injured no one, he had turned away with him, and was now driving out of the yard, scolding the youngster roundly for his action, and not a little subdued himself at what might have been the result of it.

"My father teaches music, and mother scolds him continually for not being able to earn enough money to keep out of debt.

Mrs. Rosenberg detected the cheat at once; and, as she was needing the money for the socks, she scolded Mandoline soundly, and pelted her pretty little hands, rat, tat, tat, with a steel thimble.

I afforded them an opportunity of studying the appearance of an angry European female, as I was very much displeased with my people, and, in spite of my slight knowledge of the language, scolded them heartily.

The old gray-streaked cat was positive that the gray rats would bite him to death, since they were coming into the castle in such great numbers, and he scolded the black rats incessantly.

Very likely, the criticizing mamma on the mounting-stand is scolding sharply about noting.

Squirrels chattered and scolded overhead.

We see him in almost all places, as it were, at the same moment of time,now warbling in ecstasy from the roof of a shed, then, with his wings spread and feathers ruffled, scolding furiously at a Blue-bird or a Swallow that has alighted on his box, or driving a Robin from a cherry-tree that stands near his habitation.

She therefore keeps the reader alternately scolding and forgiving her.

Very likely, the criticizing mamma on the mounting-stand is scolding sharply about noting.

I heard the cook mumblingly scolding about "noises in the night, dogs barking and doors shutting, she knew; such a house as it was, with people dying, getting sick, and putting every sort of a bothersome dream into a quiet body's head, that wanted to rest, just as she worked, like a Christian."

But who will give the oft-scolded Clemens Brentano too little credit?

He attacked one thing after another, the rugs on the floor, curtains, anything flying or fluttering, and Miss Laura patiently scolded him for each one, till at last it dawned upon him that he must not worry anything but a bone.

She scolded her august husband so perpetually that he gave way to complaints before the assembled deities, and that too with a bitterness hardly to be reconciled with our notions of dignity.

The one discordant note was struck by Ramzán's mother, Fatima Bibi by name, who took a violent dislike to the bride and evinced it by persistently scolding and ill-using her.

Here was an unbelievable thinga doctor who did not argue or deny or playfully scold her for "fancies."

With equal fearlessness he reproved and publicly scolded the burgesses for every new injustice and every fresh disorder.

She did not say so to her sister,for Miss 'Viny would have scolded her smartly,nor did she tell Doctor Parker; but she prayed about it, and kept it in her heart all those silent days that she sat sewing baby-clothes, and looking forward to an hour that should, even through a death-agony, take her to Tom.

Mrs. Burton came in presently, bringing a lamp, and scolding softly because the room was in darkness.

Lanley evidently was not in active business, for it was plain that Wayne, searching his memory, found nothing)my grandfather often scolds me terribly for my English,says I talk like a barmaid, although I tell him he ought not to know how barmaids talk,but he never makes me feel small.

The Prophets were unusually outspoken men, and, as they undeniably do scold Israel for every other kind of conceivable heresy, they were not likely to be silent about ancestor-worship, if ancestor-worship existed.

The four had the next table to us at lunch, and they seemed all at sixes and sevens with one another, the elderly lady glaring at her young husband, and the uncle frowning at the niece, while the nephew had just the look of Hurstbridge when Mademoiselle scolds him unjustly.

Alighting from the carriage, and setting her little feet upon the ground with a vengeance, Madam Conway first scolded Mike unmercifully for his carelessness, and next chided Maggie for manifesting no more concern.

Hope scolded her urgently: why had she got off the sofa when repose was so necessary for her?

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